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Child Free Birth Control

Child free Tubal Sterilization Options | Tubal Ligation, Essure or Vasectomy

Child Free By Choice Birth Control Considerations

Birth control for couples and individuals who choose to be “child free by choice” often raises questions regarding medical consent and legal consent. Permanent birth control is an important decision whether you are considering vasectomy and/or tubal ligation. An individual or couple who is “child free” refers to those who choose often at an early age to never have children. This includes those with mental or physical health concerns which keep them from ever wanting children as well as simply a life style choice. Therefore child free by choice is a decision to not have children as compared to those who are childless, which co notates the inability to have children despite a desire to have them. A few doctors, including the author of this article, Doctor Donald P Snyder in Indianapolis IN, (Greenfield), who believes an adult, at any age can make a decision to not have children as long as the desire to be child free is not because of pressure from a partner. It is important to understand about the law, consent and children.

There is a distinction between medical consent and legal consent for vasectomy and tubal ligation. Medical consent is given by a patient to a doctor after the patient confirms that the risks, benefits and alternatives to a procedure are understood. Concerns over legal consent are over who is legally allowed to give medical consent for a procedure like vasectomy and tubal ligation. In reference to permanent birth control, the only requirements for providing legal consent over his or her own care, is that the individual is an adult and is capable of understanding what is being done and why. There are generally no laws that require an individual to be married, or have children, or have the consent of a spouse in order to have a vasectomy or a tubal sterilization procedure. Medicaid has age rules and requires that an individual be over 21 to provide consent for a procedure that Medicaid will pay for. Generally there are no rules or laws that require that a person already has children in order to undergo a permanent birth control procedure. Most doctors govern their practice based on their own set of rules, founded upon religious or other beliefs, training and experience. This can dictate when they will or won't provide these permanent birth control services. So if your doctor is unwilling to provide permanent birth control, seek out one who is willing to consider helping you remain childless and happy. A few states may require either waiting periods or spousal consent, so ask your doctor if your state has any such laws.

To the young individual who makes the decision to be child free, it's important that you understand that there is a very significant risk of lamenting this decision as you age. Over time, especially if you end up with a different partner who does want children there can be regret. Permanent birth control means no children forever. Reversing a vasectomy or tubal ligation frequently fails to restore fertility and is prohibitively expensive for most people.

Some doctors, including Doctor Snyder in the Indianapolis area will listen to the individual's reasons for being child free and provide birth control counsel without judgment. and can provide vasectomy and/or tubal sterilization should it be appropriate. When discussing your wishes with any doctor, it helps to be very specific about why you are choosing to be child free. This includes having a plan in case you do change your mind, such as your willingness to adopt, or whether you have looked into sperm banking. Essure, tubal ligation or vasectomy should then be able to be done as appropriate if a child free couple or individual chooses this any of these permanent methods of birth control.

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