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Compare Tubal Ligation to Essure - Tubal Ligation vs. Essure

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Tubal Ligation vs. Essure

It is the woman"s responsibility to compare tubal ligation verses Essure, not the doctor"s because most doctor"s perform only one or the other. Many more women undergo tubal ligations because Essure is relatively new and fewer doctors perform the procedure. Though there are circumstances when traditional tubal ligation is preferred, we rely on Dr. Donald Snyder who performs both who has concluded that in most situations, Essure is a superior permanent birth control method because there is less likelihood of a failure, less pain associated with the procedure, recovery time is less and costs less. So when comparing the tubal sterilization methods, Essure vs. tubal ligation, do your homework.


Essure involves blocking the fallopian tubes permanently without general anesthesia or any incisions. The Essure procedure can also be performed in the comfort the doctor’s private office. A special scope called a hysteroscope is placed through the cervix. The Essure "micro-inserts" are placed into her tubes during a 15-20 minute procedure. Typically, the patient returns to her usual routine that very day, with no downtime from her busy life. Essure micro insert For the next three months, after the Essure procedure, an alternative reliable birth control method must be used afterwhich she returns for a follow-up exam. An "Essure Confirmation Test" is performed to confirm that the procedure is a success. Afterwards, she may rely on Essure forever for birth control. It is considered the most effective female birth control. Essure has less than 1 failure per 1000 procedures. One downside to consider is that tubal sterilization using Essure is absolutely not reversible even with tubal surgery.

Tubal Ligation

There are situations when tubal ligation, utilizing the traditional methods, should be recommended as the best option. For example, there may be problems to be evaluated such as pelvic pain. Since both these situations require a procedure that uses a laparoscope, tubal ligation will be the best option in the circumstances. However, tubal ligation surgery is more invasive because it involves entering the abdominal cavity in order to access the tubes. tubal ligation diagram Though it does not ever involve actually tying a knot in the tubes, suture material is used to tie off the tubes in some procedures (hence the term "tying the tubes"), while cauterizing (or burning) the tubes or placing metal clips on the tubes to block them are other methods commonly used. No matter how the tubes are blocked, an incision into the body is required. Therefore anesthesia is required and a scar will result. It takes several days to recover from tubal ligation, there are more risks of injury from the procedure than with Essure, and tubal ligation can fail 1 time in every 100 to 200 procedures. On a positive note, tubal ligation is immediately effective.

Essure Compared to Tubal Ligation

When comparing methods of tubal sterilization for women who seek permanent birth control, please consider and compare the advantages and disadvantages of tubal ligation verses Essure, which are the two main choices available for women. Also, take into consideration that each method can be accomplished in more than one way. Another option available to couples is the vasectomy which accomplishes permanent birth control for men. In some cases counsel with the family doctor is necessary in order to decide which birth control option is best for your circumstance. For women who are comparing Essure vs. tubal ligation, there are circumstances when tubal ligation is the best choice, but Essure is more often the superior option. has not evaluated the surgical skill of these physicians. As a result, this website neither makes referrals nor recommendations for any particular vasectomy doctor, no-scalpel vasectomy or vasectomy reversal doctor in Massachusetts State. By using this location service you acknowledge and agree that is not liable for any harm or damages related to your use of this service. We strongly encourage you to investigate the experience of any physicians whose care you are considering.

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