Changes After Vasectomy Reversal

I have heard that having a reversing a vasectomy can cause testicular loss. Is this true, and if so, what are the chances of this happening?

There is no literature to indicate any concerns regarding changes to the size of testicles after a vasectomy reversal.  However, the longer the interval between vasectomy and reversal, there is an increased chance of vasectomy reversal failure rate due to epididymal blockage as well as rupture and obstruction of the epididymal tubules.

It is possible to have vasectomy reversal complications and there are risks. Pain in the testicles is possible and can be due to bleeding during vasectomy reversal recovery. During the recovery, the penis and scrotum can appear bruised and/or swollen, but it heals. All surgery has risk, but the degree of risk from vasectomy reversal is relatively low.

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