Reverse My Vasectomy using Vasovasostomy

Is there a specific time frame that you can have a vasectomy reversed?

There is no time frame but we can predetermining the success rate for reversing a vasectomy  by measured the vasectomy age. Vasectomy age is the time since the vasectomy was performed.  Under ideal circumstances the vasectomy reversal technique used to re-connect the vas tubes is called vasovasostomy. The more time since your vasectomy, the greater the odds of the vasectomy reversal surgeon not identifying sperm in the vas tube during surgery. This is due to back pressure inside the vas tube over time. In these situations the vasectomy reversal doctor must perform a different type of re-connection technique called a vasoepididymostomy. This is a more involved vasectomy reversal surgery and not all doctors can perform this technique.

Within 10 years of a vasectomy there is a high chance that the vasovasostomy can be performed. Research indicates that a vasectomy reversal ten years after a vasectomy, will often require a vasoepididymostomy on at least one side, which has about a 40% chance of success. Other factors that can contribute to the technique performed during the vasectomy reversal surgery. These include a vasectomy with a large segment of the vas removed, cauterization or ligation (tying off) of both ends of the cut vas instead of just one (i.e. doing a closed ended vasectomy instead of open ended).

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