Reversing a Vasectomy

Please provide details about reversing a vasectomy.

Reversing a vasectomy involves reconnecting the vas deferens, which was disconnected in order to achieve sterilization. So, sterilization reversal is achieved by reconnecting the vas deferens during a surgery called vasectomy reversal. However, this surgery is more involved than the vasectomy and the success rate is lower. The surgery, healing and getting back your ability to achieve a pregnancy takes more time.

The female and male partner should be assessed for suitability by a qualified doctor. There are two types of techniques that may be used. Under ideal circumstances the vasovasostomy  vas reversal technique is used. However, if the vasoepididymostomy reconnection technique is required the success rate goes down.  The procedure performed in an operating room involving a local anaesthetic.

Please read about vasectomy reversal on which lays out a step-by-step process to get a full picture and details about reversing a vasectomy.

Vasectomy Reversal Introduction

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