Sex Drive After Vasectomy

Sex Drive After Vasectomy

There is no direct relationship between sex drive after vasectomy. This is due to the fact that the body of a man does not undergo any noticeable changes after vasectomy. In addition, a vasectomy procedure does not interfere with the blood circulatory system that is responsible for an erection or ejaculation. Moreover, this procedure does not affect sexual drive and an erection.

After a vasectomy, people are still able to have their normal erections, ejaculations and orgasms. This procedure also doesn’t interfere with the color and consistency of the ejaculate. This is because about 95% of male semen is formed in the seminal and prostate vesicles both of which are never affected by a vasectomy procedure.

The only noticeable change after vasectomy is the absence of sperm from the ejaculate. As a result, the eventual volume of the ejaculate will be slightly reduced. However, this reduction in the volume of the ejaculate is not noticeable since the sperm is only responsible for about 2-5% of semen.

Concerning sexual pleasure, a small number of men report feel mild aching in their testicles during sexual arousal which typically lasts for only a few months after having the vasectomy.

The main concern for men and their partner, after a vasectomy, is the ability to fertilize a woman in the future. Since it is also considered a permanent procedure, the decision to have a vasectomy should be given careful consideration before it is performed. However, rest assured, after a vasectomy has been confirmed successful, it is considered very reliable.

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