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Choose and Find Vasectomy Reversal Doctors in Your Area

Once you have decided to go forward with a vasectomy reversal or have questions that require guidance from qualified specialists, then it's time to choose and find the vasectomy reversal specialists who are right for you. This is the most important choice in your control since it has a bearing on the likelihood of success. The search should begin in the area you live, but circumstances may necessitate looking beyond. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Vasectomy Reversal Budget

Vasectomy reversal can be expensive. Like most people you will be constrained by what you can afford. So its better to ascertain issues around cost before your search for vasectomy reversal specialists begins.

  • Have a Budget: The price of a Vasectomy reversal cost can vary widely. For more information read Vasectomy Reversal Cost . Include inside your budget travel and time off work. Include all costs, not just those that the vasectomy reversal specialists charge. Add up all the costs for each specialist you consider and compare to your budget so it can be used as criteria for comparison.
  • Vasectomy Reversal Financing: Medical financing is available for non-insured medical services. Below is a link to an online source and often vasectomy reversal specialists will have a relationship with a medical financing company.

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Find Vasectomy Reversal Specialists

Vasectomy reversal specialists are usually urologists who have undergone more specialized training. There are ways to find vasectomy reversal specialists.

  • Use the Internet to find Vasectomy Reversal Specialists
    • On view our directory of vasectomy reversal specialists. Ether search in your area to "Find a doctor" or go to the general directory, which displays vasectomy reversal specialists and clinics by state or province. Click the doctor learn more. The specialists' contact information and website are included.
  • Use internet search engines to search for reversal specialist both in and outside your area.
  • Look up hospitals urologists in your area. Find the vasectomy reversal specialists, among them.
  • Consult with your family doctor: Ask for advice and help because he/she has likely had good outcomes among patients who used vasectomy reversal specialists .

Qualify the Vasectomy Reversal Specialists

Either during your search for vasectomy reversal specialists or after you have gathered your list, its time to evaluate and compare their qualifications. Here are the questions to ask and how to appraise what is important.

  • Medical License: Though it may seem to basic, make sure the doctor who claims to be a vasectomy reversal specialist is licensed to practice in your state or province.
  • Education / Designation / Training: Vasectomy reversal requires microsurgery. This is a very specialized field of surgical training. It also involves a sophisticated knowledge in the field of male infertility. Ask whether the vasectomy reversal specialists have attained formal training to perform microscopic vasectomy reversals. Find out to what extent was this training - a two-week course or a two-year program that exposes to two or three cases per week? The latter program means the surgeon will have the designation "Fellowship Trained '. Also, ask whether the vasectomy reversal specialist has been recently published in peer reviewed journals for vasectomy reversal.
  • Experience: This refers to how many and how often the microsurgical reversals specialists have performed within the last one, two and three years. Look for specialists who perform reversals on a regularly, at least weekly, and preferably many times a week. Regularity is fundamental for maintaining the required expertise, which helps with success rates.
  • Patency Rate: Patency is a way of defining vasectomy reversal success so it is important to obtain the vasectomy reversal specialist's actual rates for achieving patency. Don't be shy about asking whether the statistics being reported in the specialists literature is his or the experience of a group or a series of studies that the surgeon was not involved in or partially involved in.
  • Microscope: Without an operating microscope the accuracy of rejoining the tiny vas tube is limited. So ask what the vasectomy reversal specialist uses to reconnect the vas.
  • Single layer or double layer: The majority of microsurgeons prefer the double layer microscopic vasectomy reversal. Ask the vasectomy reversal specialist whether he/she performs single layer or double layer microscopic reversals. Keep in mind that the independent success rates for achieving patency and pregnancy are really the ultimate measure of success, not the method.
  • Complication Rates: Find out the specialists rates of complication.
  • University Appointment: Find out if the vasectomy reversal specialist has a university appointment and what it is.

Your Personal Preferences

Choosing the vasectomy reversal specialists who are in accord with your personal preferences is also important. Hopefully your list of vasectomy reversal specialists has been whittled down. By identifying these characteristics from among those doctors, you will be left with a choice of qualified vasectomy specialists.

  • Vasectomy Reversal Price: If you haven't already done so, exclude specialists outside your budget.
  • Convenience: This refers to location and scheduling, both of which can affect your budget. Ask about where you can park your car and what it costs. In densely populated areas you may find there are more reversal doctors and in less populated areas you may need to travel further.
  • Gender & Age: : Are you partial to a specialist who is female, male, older, younger or your age. These factors can affect your comfort level.
  • Language: Trust and communication is basic to the doctor-patient relationship. A bilingual vasectomy reversal specialist or staff members can be very helpful toward this end.
  • Testimonials: Obtain testimonials from former patients by asking the vasectomy reversal specialist for referrals.
  • Other preferences: Trust your gut feeling because trust is important...

We wish you the very best of success. You're investigation to find and choose vasectomy reversal specialists is very important. You may wish to print this page as a reference.

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