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Vasectomy Reversal

Are you considering a vasectomy reversal? Statistically, five to ten percent of the approximately, 600,000 men in North America who annually undergo vasectomy look to get their vasectomy reversed, at some point. Vasectomy reversals are, fortunately, not all that uncommon.

Life can change unexpectedly after a vasectomy. And then the emotionally charged question becomes, "can a vasectomy be reversed" or "can you reverse my vasectomy"? There are emotional and medical considerations behind vasectomy reversal.

  • Emotional Considerations for Vasectomy Reversal: Reasons can include the loss of a child, a new marriage, or just a desire to have more children to complete the family.
  • Medical Reasons for Vasectomy Reversal: Though rare, some men experience such discomfort after a vasectomy that vasectomy reversal is the only solution. Sometimes this lasts for years following the vasectomy procedure and is referred to as "Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome" .

A vasectomy reversal involves reversing a vasectomy with the goal of enabling the man to be fertile once again, called patency. The vas deferens is surgically rejoined, enabling sperm to once again flow through the vas deferens, which were blocked during the vasectomy procedure. In recent years, with the development of better techniques and a larger pool of skilled microsurgeons to perform the reversal, excellent results can be obtained with a high chance of obtaining pregnancy. Vasectomy reversal is generally carried out in hospital as an outpatient procedure using a general anaesthetic. Success rates vary by individual patient and the vasectomy reversal doctor. During the vasectomy reversal your doctor will choose one of two techniques, depending upon the circumstances:

  • Reconnecting the vas deferens (vasovasostomy) - the preferred connection, or
  • Connecting the vas deferens to the epididymis (vasoepididymostomy) -when no sperm are identified in the testicular vas deferens.

Keep in mind that ultimately, a vasectomy reversal will be considered successful when a couple achieves becoming pregnant and giving birth. So there are also factors to consider before the vasectomy reversal that involve the female partner. understands decision process behind whether to move forward with a vasectomy reversal. We attempt to lay out a step by step process enabling you to find answers your questions and learn all the vasectomy reversal information that should be considered. You’ll notice we have split the vasectomy reversal information into a three step process.

Step 1 - First there are the vasectomy reversal factors to consider:

  • Before and After Vasectomy Reversal Considerations
  • Vasectomy Reversal Guarantee of Success
  • Vasectomy Reversal Cost
  • Alternatives to Vasectomy Reversal

Step 2 - Knowing what the vasectomy reversal procedure is all about.

  • Before and After Vasectomy Reversal Considerations
  • Laboratory Testing and Sperm Banking
  • Why Vasectomy Reversal May Involve a Different Reconnections
  • The Vasectomy Reversal Procedure
  • After Vasectomy Reversal

Step 3 - You have decided to have a vasectomy reversal

  • Choosing your vasectomy reversal doctor that is right for you
  • Finding a vasectomy reversal doctor in your area

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