Best Long-Distance Lovense Sex Toys Review. Aswesome Experience!

Sexual pleasure of the future: cosmic speed to overcome distances

From the point of view of psychology, relationships between partners at a distance are almost impossible. The fault is the lack of physical contact.

Without feeling the partner’s skin, the human body tends to “forget” him, gradually erasing from memory the best moments of time spent together.

And this would always continue because the modern rhythm of life does not contribute to quiet family life and the joy of real communication. Today you are in London, and tomorrow you will fly to a conference in Beijing – in such conditions it would be impossible to build long-term relations if …

Teledildonics: there are no borders for sex

At some point, manufacturers of sex toys realized that it’s not enough for a person to just have fun from imitating sexual intercourse alone or just having fun. And from the end of the 20th century, the development of intimate goods begins with the technology called Teledildonics.

The main purpose of such sex toys is to transmit sexual sensations to a distance. Now you can not just whisper your beloved or beloved gentle words on the phone, but take up real cybersex, feel each other in every cell of your body, or at the same time complete the enchanting climax.

All this is provided by “intelligent” sex toys by Lovense. A male masturbator and a female vibrator are synchronized via wi-fi and are reduced to the rhythm of each other’s actions. Therefore, even being at great distances, but having access to a stable Internet signal, you can almost fully enjoy each other.

You no longer have to suffer in solitude while you are busy with a career or urgent matters on another continent. You will no longer be tormented by remorse that, due to increased libido, you can change your partner. Lovense Interactive sex toys in combination with modern means of communication solve all problems. Moreover, it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, the cyber industry of intimate goods took care of everyone.

Artificial intelligence: the principle of action of interactive sex toys

The term “teledildonic” was proposed by Ted Nelson, an American philosopher, and sociologist, back in 1975. No matter how pretentious this may sound, but really, the beginning of intellectual sex toys was laid a very long time ago.

Today they know how to not just buzz and rotate at the touch of a button, but to squeeze, wriggle, vibrate in a certain rhythm, respond to the timbre of the voice, and, using VR equipment, transfer you to virtual reality, entering into synchronization with video content.

Male and female sex toys through special applications are connected to each other, bringing partners into excitement and bringing them to ecstasy. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies came to the aid of cybersex, which began to equip vibrators and masturbators. Toys become an extension of your body. You are given the opportunity to touch a partner using this device, and a loved one, in turn, will not leave you without sexual discharge.

This technology will not only not let your feelings fade away, but rather the opposite – it will refresh them and bring them to a new level of trust and emancipation.

Palm: Cybersex industry leaders

One of the first manufacturers of interactive sex toys that pioneered the development of such devices is Lovense and Fleshlight. It is they who now hold the palm, but do not stop there.

Lovense sex toys review

The leader of the market for interactive toys Lovense – the American creators of the toy Lush – the queen of video chat, which makes squealing with delight girls and groaning from the lust of men. Also, unique technical support and an innovative tandem for lovers who were at a considerable distance: the Max masturbator and Nora vibrator won the brand’s popularity.


One of the oldest brands in the sex industry, Fleshlight, is an American family-owned company that began with the development of sex toys for those who, for whatever reason, have no access to full-fledged sex life. Already in 2017, they released a real Launch sex machine, synchronized with applications, as well as with Kiiro Vibro-egg, overcoming the distance between lovers.


High-tech and rapidly gaining popularity KIIROO is a business partner of the American Fleshlight from the Netherlands. Their development OhMiBod Esca is quite in demand among webcam models. Toys of this brand are synchronized with VR equipment and a sufficiently large amount of porn content. In addition, sex toys are made using super leather, a material that fully conveys the sensation of living flesh, patented by Fleshlight. So you can not worry about the quality of the toys.


Canadian brand We-Vibe marked the cyber industry with a twin vibrator. To date, its range has been expanded to include erection rings, butt plugs, as well as vibrators and masturbators controlled via a smartphone through a proprietary application. The use of hypoallergenic silicone and soft anatomical forms, as well as the ability to create a signature pattern with vibrations, make We-Vibe one of the recognizable brands on the market of interactive intimate goods.

Magic motion

A little-known trademark from China, Magic Motion is promoting a Vibro-egg in this segment. And, as often happens, it actually copies the functionality of Lovense Lush. The only advantage of this manufacturer is the affordable price of the device.

Review of popular tandems: Lovense sex toys

Max & Nora by Lovense: Everything at your fingertips

I will start with the Max&Nora review. Mutually complementary paired toys are today considered the most popular interactive tandem, which with space speed can overcome any distance. Model for male pleasure Max and women are entertained by a Nora rabbit vibrator.

If you suddenly want to feel each other, then just turn on the computer, laptop, or smartphone on which Lovense’s proprietary application is installed, everything else will be done by itself.

Lovense sex toys benefits:

  • two-way communication – one toy moves to the beat of another;
  • instant response – no need to wait or adjust;
  • naturalness – feel each other in real-time.

All these advantages, combined with video chat, make it easy to imagine that you are in the same room next to each other.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 by Kiiroo

One of the most sensual tandems for which there are no barriers. The male part in it is performed by the Onyx 2 masturbator and the female one – by the Pearl 2 vibrator. They also perfectly imitate real communication and seamlessly interact with each other.

The main functionality of this kit is not inferior to Lovense. But this brand has a significant advantage. His sex toys are able to respond to touch. Even if your partner is far away, with this toy you can feel his intimate caress from a distance.

It is enough for the girl only to introduce Pearl 2 and the sensors installed on Onyx 2 will immediately react with the reality of sensory frictions. At the same time, the man, controlling Onyx 2, can control the rhythm and vibration power of his partner’s toys. Such an opportunity in the aggregate creates unimaginable, but quite real experiences of sexual intercourse, which ends, as a rule, with enchanting simultaneous orgasm.

In fact, Kiiroo Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 is a decent alternative to Lovense toys.

Single interactive sex toys: transfer control to a partner

In addition to paired toys that can complement each other, there is a rather extensive assortment of sex toys that your partner can control from anywhere in the world, watching your experiences and voluptuous torments.

Each popular manufacturer has such sex devices, but the following models are among the most popular.

Lovense Lush 2 Review: A Lovely Companion for Sensual Moments

Lush 2 from Lovense is the most anticipated new sex toy that exploded the developer’s chat with rave reviews. Despite the fact that it is a re-release of the previous modification, the changes made it truly perfect. This model received:

  • an elongated flexible antenna and a powerful transmitter that permanently solved the problem with interruption of communication;
  • a new motor that provides sufficiently deep vibrations of different types and rhythms;
  • high-capacity rechargeable battery, which makes it possible up to 3 hours of continuous sweet vibrations.

Only the shape of the egg itself remained unchanged since it is ideally located in the vagina directly under the G point, which provides a fairly quick and long orgasm from gentle, but intense stimulation.

As for intellectual capabilities, synchronization through a proprietary application makes it possible to control a partner at any distance. Also, the toy can respond to the timbre of your voice and your favorite music tracks.

Vibease: a miniature sex toy by Lovense

This clitoral vibrator is so compact that it fits simply in your panties. This feature allows you to use it in public places and to feel the touch of a partner even where in real life it would be impossible. The toy is connected via its own Vibease application using wi-fi or a 3/4 / 5G network, creating a stable connection.

Vibration control can be set up as a template, but it is especially nice to pass it on to your partner, who may not be near you right now. Using the application, he can not only control your sensuality but also watch you through a video call in the application. You can synchronize the operation of the device with the timbre of the partner’s voice. The main advantages:

  • no need to use your fingers – just place the toy in your underwear;
  • noiselessness – use its capabilities where you especially want it, without attracting attention, unless, of course, you manage to give out your pleasure.

Hush from Lovense review: anal caresses in the distance

Girls are generally difficult to persuade to try to experience the joy of anal sex. What tricks do not have to go to men. But Lovense made sure that during the absence of a partner the girl would not only get used to these feelings but also upon arrival she would ask for a real experience.

Hush Butt Plug is an interactive Lovense sex toy whose partner can control the vibrations. This device is available in two sizes to satisfy both sophisticated and inexperienced users. The peculiarity of the cork in its narrow neck. Which will not in the process of entertainment irritate the sphincter and cause discomfort.

Also, spiral ridges are applied to the neck, holding the lubricant inside and facilitating the extraction of the toy. Beginners should not be afraid that a miniature toy may enter too deeply. The developers took care of this. A sufficiently wide streamlined base securely fixes the toy in the right direction, transmitting vibrations to the most delicate areas.

The noise level allows the toy wherever you want – it is absolutely silent, no one will know your gentle secret. And a partner can remind you of himself at any moment. That will give a sharp sensation.

Interactive Lovense sex toys: myths and reality

There are many common myths about sex toys. They have been drawn in a long train since the time when the word “sex” was not uttered aloud at all. Consider the three main ones.

Myth 1: sex toys are harmful

Absolutely wrong. If sex toys are used according to the instructions and cleaned in a timely manner, then they are of exceptional benefit to the reproductive health of those who are not available to a full sexual life.

This is due to the fact that contractions of the muscles of the pelvis during orgasm contribute to the restoration of blood circulation and the functioning of the reproductive and endocrine systems. Abstinence, especially long-term, on the contrary, contributes to the development of stagnation in the genitals, which adversely affects the reproductive function and health of both men and women.

Myth 2: sex toys are a way to satisfy single women

Absolutely wrong. The lack of regular sexual discharge adversely affects the health of both men and women. In addition, the ability to connect two partners with toys at a distance is not only an opportunity to provide strong emotional attachment but also to increase the degree of confidence in your partner and your confidence that during a time of absence there can be no betrayal or casual sexual intercourse.

Therefore, manufacturers of sex toys are trying hard to satisfy the needs not only of conventional devices of a specific gender but also of interactive gadgets connecting partners located at significant distances from each other.

Myth 3: After the experience with a Lovense sex toy, it is impossible to reach a similar climax with a partner

Wrong. A sex toy is just a massager for your genitals. It can cause an orgasm in massaging movements. But a full replacement partner does not work. Because, apart from stimulating one, at most two, erogenous zones, this device can’t do anything else and will not replace the skin-to-skin physical contact between two loving people. On the contrary, a sex toy is a simulator that will help you to reveal your sexuality and understand how to act better during full sexual intercourse.

The popularity of interactive Lovense sex toys: who suits them the most

For a sex toy, it does not matter who you are or where you are. They are made taking into account the anatomical features of men and women. That is, in fact, they are suitable for everyone, without exception.

Another thing is if you are not alone, but by chance are separated by distance. Whether you study abroad, have left for industrial needs, or have been seconded to care for a distant relative – this is an occasion to purchase a sex toy. She will allow:

  • Do not fade away from your libido;
  • Do not look for dubious sexual adventures;
  • maintain your relationship, as well as shared feelings and emotions.

But the most important thing is the preservation of such an invaluable resource as the trust of partners to each other.

No need to treat the toy as something shameful and forbidden. Of course, if you are addicted to caressing yourself secretly from your partner, this can cause not just bewilderment or jealousy, but even cause a break in relations.

But if you have made a choice together and pamper each other with sensual caresses at a distance, then the sweetness of a real meeting upon your return is guaranteed to you.

Key Benefits of Lovense Interactive Sex Technology

What are the advantages of “smart” sex toys? The main advantages of using such gadgets lie in the technology of their production.

Unlimited range remote control

Using the work through special applications through a stable Internet connection ensures no restrictions on distance. No matter how far apart you are, wi-fi will instantly transmit a signal to your partner about the start of the game or the next weasel scenario.

Extended Vibration Range

Standard vibrators, as a rule, are equipped with a pair of speeds, which are regulated by a button on the vibrator itself, forcing you to interrupt caresses to speed up or slow down the toy. In contrast, interactive devices have up to 6 vibration levels and up to 8 rhythms, allowing you to play your orgasm as if by notes. Add here the reaction to the gentle whisper of a partner (or a passionate moan) and unearthly bliss is guaranteed to you. In addition, you can not particularly be distracted by the adjustment.

Application Control

Firstly, it greatly simplifies the understanding of the entire functionality of a sex toy, and secondly, it ensures communication stability during a cybersex session. There is also no need to use remotes, wires, or cable to create a connection that often tends to get lost. The function of the remote control is performed by your smartphone, which, like a toy, is available at any time of the day or night.

Selection Criteria: Prioritized

Your top priorities when choosing interactive toys should be just three criteria.


A sex toy sways the most tender parts of your body, and also comes in contact with the mucosa. From this, the harmful substances contained in the toy can instantly penetrate the bloodstream, causing poisoning and harming the body. Remember, the composition should not be: phthalates under the abbreviation DEHP, BBP, DBP.

Penetrating into the blood, these substances can cause infertility and impotence. Such substances are prohibited in Europe and the United States. But they are used with might and main in China, India, etc. Therefore, you should not chase dubious savings, so that you do not spend fabulous sums later on to restore health.


As a rule, interactive toys have lost their anatomical features. This is especially true for female devices. Often women are embarrassed and awkward at the sight of an erect penis and therefore cannot completely relax. Fortunately, interactive sex toys are neutral in shape and can be so compact and inconspicuous that they can even be used in public places.

Functional Features

Do not skimp on choosing features. The more subtle settings a sex toy has, the brighter it will be the pleasure of using it. In addition, it will be easier to synchronize your devices.

Actual questions: for those who still have doubts

Can I choose Lovense sex toys for myself and my partner?

Of course, but still, it is better to approach the choice together. Firstly, it will be evidence of mutual trust, and secondly, it’s easier to choose exactly the model that fits perfectly. Discuss with your partner exactly what he would like, having listened carefully and made your suggestions. Then it will be easier for you to make a choice.

What is the best sex toy size?

It depends on the place of use of the device. Size does not affect the functionality of the device. Both large Vibro-rabbits and miniature Vibro-eggs and butt plugs have a wide range of settings. If you are a fan of piquant situations in public places. That is optimal to pay attention to compact sex toys. If you are interested in a gadget for bed comforts, then a rabbit vibrator is the most successful option.

How to care for your collection?

If the interactive gadget is not your first toy, then first of all – place it in storage separately from others. This is due to the fact that, in contact with other materials, the leather may deteriorate, which will lead to irreparable changes. Also, avoid temperature extremes and ultraviolet radiation.

It is better to clean interactive devices with a special cleaner that will not harm the device. When cleaning around the buttons, be extremely careful.

Lovense Interactive sex toys guarantee a strong bond between partners

The most durable and stable relationships are those. Which are built on mutual trust? Trusting each other in terms of sex, you are laying this foundation. And it doesn’t matter whether you are in the next room or left for another continent, you will not be left alone and passionate, but an impossible wish to get sexual relaxation here and now. Because the cybersex industry has already taken care of this.

Lovense and Kiiroo, Fleshlight, and We-Vibe have already prepared devices for you that can connect hearts in love, overcoming any distance. And, for sure, their development will not stop there. Since such models are released updated and improved every year. If there is a long separation ahead, make sure that your invaluable sensual experience of joint caresses and touches is available to each other at any distance!