Fleshlight Launch Review. The Most Realistic Experience in My Opinion

Modern technologies have brought us closer to the reality of sex at a distance, to sex with porn actresses that we dream about, to play porn with the effect of presence.

This is incredible, but if you like to masturbate just like me (I already have 20 years of experience, have had dozens of girls, what can I say … now I’ve been married for ten years, while I masturbate two times a day working at home and I’m 38 years, and I am happy!), then it means that you, as well as I, are looking for an opportunity to approach real sex with an unknown partner.

In this Fleshlight Launch review, I will talk about the Fleshlight Launch technology, which I managed to appreciate as a wild masturbation lover. What’s so special about her?

This device allows you to insert your favorite Fleshlight into it with your ideal structure and sleeve, and the device will masturbate for you. But this is not all, by integrating the tool with interactive content (specific sites with porn, of which you can participate), as well as webcams in front of which girls with their beloved Lovense masturbate (a toy that your device can be connected to), she will feel all your frictions with her toy and this is not a farce.

I had sex with dozens of models on different sites already, if they had a Lovense toy, my Fleshlight Launch connects to it via Bluetooth using the Internet. These are elementary settings.

Personalize your experience using Fleshlight Launch :

  1. You can control the speed of strokes. Just swipe down to set the desired speed.
  2. Controlling the stroke length is a great way to set the stroke length you like.
  3. Now about the modes:
    – a continuous blue light indicates that you are currently connected to Bluetooth
    – if the sun is now off, this means that you are in the manual control mode, which you can easily switch to
    – if the indicator is on red-light – time to recharge the device
    – if you are in interactive mode, the indicator glows a steady blue light
  4. It is convenient to take each of the devices with you on the road – a business trip, or on vacation
  5. And Launch , and Titan , and Onyx + are suitable for training stamina in sex. This can be useful, since masturbation should be not just a pleasure, but a way to strengthen control over one’s male power.

Comparison of Fleshlight Launch with Titan and Onyx +

So, we are talking with you that Fleshlight Launch is the most versatile device that fits most penis sizes (in length and width), it is also popular due to the fact that it integrates with any of the Fleshlight devays . For example, you can integrate it with Lady Ice , Turbo , Vibro , Classic , Butt , Pilot , Go , etc.

There are also versions of Titan and Onyx +

You should pay attention to them, since each of them has its own unique technology of arousal and sexual experience. For example, Titan will allow you to control the speed of vibration due to the built-in touch pads, 9 vibrating bullets and sleeves.

Together, this creates a very realistic picture of the sensations of being in the female vagina and active frictions. Many men say that their experience with Titan is incredible and better than with Fleshlight Launch . All this is very individual and it is wonderful that Kiiro gives you the right to personalize your sexual experience.

Onyx +

This device has its own unique feature and it gives a different spectrum of sensations than Titan or Launch from Fleshlight . In the Onyx + has 3 modes: interactive, manual, automatic.

The device has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the background of other devices:
– this device has a very soft coating inside that provides an excellent experience of use
– the touch trackpad helps to conveniently control the speed of the device
– Real – Feel sleeve is used for maximum comfort, it can be reusable or disposable
– the main feature of the device is the sensations and the method by which they are achieved. It uses 10 collapsible rings to simulate the presence of the penis and frictions inside the vagina or ass. These feelings are so realistic that after trying Onyx +, many men simply refuse to buy something like that, because there is Onyx +

What is important to know about Kiiroo o devices :

  • One year warranty for each
  • Regular free software updates
  • Only hypoallergenic safe materials are used in the devices.
  • Connect all devices are powered on Bluetoth
  • All devices connect to VR content created specifically for users of Launch , Titan , Onyx +

As a result, I set the speed of masturbation and the length of strokes in the device and every time my penis enters Fleshlight , on the other side of the screen, a girl with Lovense connected to my device senses the vibrations of her toys. They are just like mine. I look at her, my device masturbates and I see on the screen indicator how her device vibrates exactly in short or long bursts repeating my frictions.

This is what I was aiming for. I madly wanted to fuck these models, they intensively masturbated, but it didn’t turn me on. I paid them on the website to have their Lovense toy react to my coins , but it also didn’t excite me much. I dreamed about the same virtual sex with them, when my dick could go into it and she felt it. Moreover, she can take control in her hands and set the intensity of her vibrations so that I can feel it with frictions in my device. Sometimes we get to orgasm together, because we move with her in one rush.

I went ahead and tried to connect to the FeelMe interactive content , which was created specifically for my Fleshlight Launch device . This is surprising, but during sex with a partner, I was exactly the male who fucked her. Sometimes there were several girls, when she sucked a porn actor, I could feel on his penis how smoothly he entered her mouth, if she sucked faster, all that she did was reflected in the intensity of her sucking.

Moreover, the coincidences were almost perfect. Sometimes the effect of presence was just off scale. Porn, the actress inserted a penis into the ass smoothly and gently, and my device did the same, I literally felt her anus, it was great.

Usually, during masturbation, it took me 15-20 minutes to finish, and with the Fleshlight Launch device and interactive content, I could finish in a few minutes, it was so unusual and realistic to have sex with actresses.

My Fleshlight Preferences

They are purely individual, but I really like group sex, lesbians, anal sex and ending in vagina and ass. Confident blowjob only with maximum absorption of the penis and hard sex in the mouth. I found all the necessary interactive content for myself, on webcams I met many girls. Once the sex on camera turned into real, when we parted with one of the actresses. I like that they were from my city or even area, so you have a chance to have real sex with her and feel her proximity.

I want to masturbate, but in the usual way it stopped working

I no longer enjoyed the pleasure of masturbation as before. This happened after I crossed the masturbation mark at 15. Those. for already 5 years I have been spending too much time on this, I begin to sniff my girlfriend’s underpants in order to get a little excited.

All the time I dream to record it on a hidden camera. But I definitely don’t want to change! In no case! I do not know what to do with these girls around me, everything suits me in life, but there is very little sex with my wife. Sometimes 1-2 times a month. This is despite the fact that I masturbate every day, sometimes 2 or even 3 times.

What is wrong with my sex life?

My wife is beautiful and inaccessible.

She just doesn’t want to, she gets tired with her child, she works hard, she wants to realize herself in her business, she has many business partners, she has a million thoughts in her head, she sits in her phone endlessly, she is subscribed to hundreds of then groups profile and more.

Now quarantine and the child are all of us very heavy, a huge amount of household chores and cleaning has appeared. Honestly, we get down in the evening, what kind of sex is there.

And yet … when I wake up, the baby and wife are sleeping, I try to masturbate and dream. It charges me for a day, it relieves me of stress, it releases excess energy, normalizes my mood. I am becoming kinder, happier, I start to like everything.

I can firmly say masturbation is a way to make life better for me. I don’t need to go left, change, get nervous that they will reveal me, copulate with incomprehensible girls, with their illnesses, stupidities and cockroaches in my head.

I do not want all this. I have a favorite job, my beloved wife, a wonderful child, but I am sorely lacking sex. I don’t even know what would happen if it weren’t for masturbation.

Although, we can assume …

I guess I would start to change, start to get nervous about it, step over my principles, I would be sexually hungry, angry, insecure. I would just explode, divorced and my life turned into a nightmare.

But ordinary masturbation is not enough for me. Whatever sites I look at, whatever niches I try, I’m already tired. I was usually very excited about these videos:

  • Casting sex
  • Sex of an old man with a young girl
  • Sex with do m bondage
  • Massage
  • Sex with ejaculation in a vagina or anus
  • Group sex
  • Disco orgies
  • Sex with glamorously dressed girls

How many thousands of these videos I reviewed. Tired of it! Fleshlight Launch and the opportunity to engage in interactive sex is something new, unusual, exciting, exciting.

Fleshlight Launch doubts and negative reviews

You know, I often heard from my friends that sex with Fleshlight is not the same as having a woman. Moreover, despite the fact that Fleshlight developed simply incredible material resembling human genitals, they did not succeed in achieving a one-on-one match.

Probably. But, if we talk about different partners in sex, then sex with Fleshlight is sometimes better than real with one of them. Honestly) Do not believe all these stories about the unrealistic feelings of sex with Fleshlight compared to real sex.

Everything is very similar, well, so much so that if you focus on each movement and sensation, you will not distinguish. If you don’t want to! Attitude matters if you think that you are fucking with a jar and vagina at the end – it will not be sex, but a disgrace. And if you imagine that you are fucking with a real girl, believe in this and let in the pleasure – it will be something new.

Moreover, do not confuse when you pull the Fleshlight member yourself , and when the device does it. These are 2 different types of sex. In fact, you seem to masturbate a member. Truly, this is already exciting. And if you add to this the feeling of being in the vagina, in the partner’s mouth or anus, it is doubly exciting. But besides, when you watch a porn video or a girl on a webcam, this is a triple pleasure, because your frictions are repeated one to one.

This is the very effect of presence. Of course, if you go further, you can buy VR glasses and be in 3- D reality, but this is not with my lifestyle. A child can wake up at any moment, a mother-in-law can go into an apartment, a wife can wake up neither light nor dawn.

I want to be in the real world, but not just virtual , but real sex thanks to Fleshlight Launch . This is a new experience that is comparable to a new lover. I have reviewed and tested this device to tell you about my feelings and they are incredible.

Just imagine, every day you can have sex with new partners. This can be done by changing different textures inside Fleshlight . For example, I bought the textures of my favorite porn actresses and have sex with them whenever I want.

My fantasy finds fulfillment, from sex with those porn stars that I want, with those webcam models that I like – I became much happier.

Fleshlight Launch Care

Yes, I’m a little annoyed by the care and setup of all devices. But the pleasure received as a result of his work is worth the whole routine behind the scenes. What I’m talking about? Fleshlight needs to be washed, it must be dried, it must be processed, the desired texture must be inserted. In addition, I have different devices – for the mouth and anus. All of them integrate with the Fleshlight Launch device and all this gives me a new experience, new pleasures, I can experiment not only with different virtual content, but also with the device. It can be different and imitate everything that I want.

Really and Reality

I would like to fuck my wife every day, dress her in various outfits, of which she has a lot, put on her beautiful underwear. Yes, I do not care if it is from Agent Provocateur or cheap from a sex shop. She would be incredible in everything. Once she dressed for me, about 10 years ago. Now all this is gathering dust in her drawers with her socks.

Why did she lose this feeling and desire to have sex and I do not? We are different, she is a woman with a child and chores, she is almost 40 years old. She has lost this element of the game. What should I do? What if I, like 20 years ago, want to fuck her in the ass, cum on her mouth, fuck her in the elevator, in the hotel room, in the bathroom.

Sometimes we fucked on the balcony when she drank coffee. She went in for sports at home and I fucked her in the ass. It was incredible and these times are gone. Everything changed and it drove me into depression until I bought Felshlight Launch and now I can fully realize my fantasies. I’m not sorry to give a few hundred dollars, as well as you, to plunge into the world of your desires and have sex just as I want without harm to my family, my relations, my psyche.

Maybe in the future I can just install the application, put on virtual glasses and use sensors to connect to the porn model and have sex with her with a full range of sensations. But Fleshight Launch today gives me a lot of my super imagination, which means that I am ahead of time, ahead of my desires and all of them are 100% fulfilled.

I know that everything in you may be completely different or just similar in life, but my experience is real, real and I have given you everything in this review that made me buy and use Fleshlight Launch .