Sperm Volume Pills 2022 Review: Myths and Truths Revealed

Sperm count can always be different for each man. But what’s common is that you should worry when the sperm count is low. It could mean that you are less fertile and might have other problems in your body.

If you want to increase your sperm count, you can always do it through a proper diet. If you do not know what kind of food you have to maintain to get your sperm count increased, here they are.

The Best Sperm Volume Pills Review and Results

The first thing that you should put on your diet list when it comes to increasing sperm count would be high protein food and take sperm volume pills like Semenax.

[su_service title=”Quick Note” icon=”icon: calendar-check-o”]One of the easiest protein sources to get would be meat and dairy.[/su_service]

Despite so, you need to eat a high protein food that is also low in fat. Thus, you should avoid fatty meat like steak. Instead, opt for leaner meat such as chicken breast, turkey meat, fish, seafood, and also eggs.

You should also incorporate dairy into your diet as they are high in protein. But once again, you should opt for the low-fat option. For instance, you can always drink low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, and also cheese.

High protein food is not just meat. High protein food can also be gained from a vegetative source especially soy. Thus, you should eat a lot of soy-based food, especially tofu and soymilk.

In addition to that, tempeh and also soybean itself can be such a great addition to your diet. Semenax sperm volume pills  contains all the ingredients to help you to ejaculate more semen in 14-30 days. You should learn the formula and its effectiveness to improve your ejaculation by 500%.

Avoid Junk food

[su_highlight]You do need to avoid junk food if you want to get your sperm count raised.[/su_highlight] Junk food such as fast food can affect the production of sperm because they affect your body negatively. For instance, they can give you high cholesterol and high blood pressure which can be fatal in relation to sperm production.

Not only you need to avoid junk food like fast food, but you also need to regulate your intake of sugar. This means that you should not indulge overly in desserts or other sugary treats such as candy, soda beverages, or cakes.

Even more important, you need to stop drinking too much alcohol because it can give your sperm production a halt. Too much alcohol not only can kill your brain cells but also destroy the healthy function of your body, and sperm making is one of them.

More Vitamins and Minerals in Sperm Volume Pills

Taking plenty of fibers and vitamins during your diet to increase sperm count is such a crucial thing. You do need to consume some vitamins and grains, but you can always do it in the most natural ways.

The best way is to take supplements like Volume Pills or Semenax, that contain all the vitamins and minerals that boost your sperm volume and improve your sexual life.

You should eat more vegetables and also fruits because they are rich in fibers and vitamins. Not only that, but they will also help in boosting your metabolism, which is connected directly to the sperm production system.

The better your metabolism system, the more comfortable for the body to increase semen volume.

[su_service title=”Did You Know?” icon=”icon: bell”]To get some vitamins that you cannot get through fruits and vegetables, you should opt for sperm volume supplements like Semenax.[/su_service]

There are so many volume pills out there that are already designed to increase the amount of sperm count. They usually filled with plenty of critical herbal extracts that help your sexual functions to work better.

That is why it is essential for you also to take some herbal remedies. This volume pills review shows the effectiveness of this product for men.

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Sperm Volume is Extremely Important for Man

Pills to increase the amount of sperm during ejaculation is something that can quickly and easily stimulate your body to produce several times more sperm so that your ejaculation is not just spectacular, but also gives you more pleasure.

If you think that this problem does not concern men, then you are deeply mistaken. After penis size, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, a small amount of sperm is what worries men who are unhappy with their modest sex abilities.

Big muscles are no longer relevant, girls are increasingly paying attention to men who can surprise them in bed. This sexual energy literally emanates from them, they show women with all kinds of views what awaits them in bed.

But does this concern you? How confident are you that you can satisfy your partner, surprise her with your sexual abilities? If you finish too quickly – this will put an end to your relationship, if your cock is too small – you can’t satisfy a girl, if your ejaculation is insignificant, how can you prove that you are the same male?

Women at a subconscious level seek to find a male in partners, who can not only satisfy her, but fertilize her. That is why the amount of sperm that you ejaculate is important to her. Genetically written in her head – you need to have sex with a man who has a lot of sperm, since he should have more fertility.

It seems to us that the girls choose a lover for themselves according to the principle – beautiful in appearance. But you forget that this is only a primary characteristic, a real assessment of a man takes place in bed. A strong erection, prolonged sexual intercourse and powerful ejaculation – this is what characterizes a man as a lover, so that psychologists, doctors and your girlfriend do not speak there.

How to Attract Girls with Semen Volume

For some reason, everyone around us is trying to explain to us that the volume of sperm does not matter, while psychology as science claims that in sex we are guided by natural instincts.

A woman feels a man’s insecurity when he doubts his sexual abilities. And this happens only when you know what sex will be – short and its end will be barely noticeable. It’s good if the woman even understands that you have finished, because now you can have very little sperm.

A powerful cumshot is not just spectacular, it excites girls, because you show how much sperm you have, many even lick it, swallow it, and ask to cum in the anus, for example. They like the feeling and smell of sperm, because he can and should excite the female.

Why am I all this?

Besides, without a good strong sperm volume, you can hardly impress. In addition, with good powerful ejaculation, you get an orgasm longer, this is important for you and for her.

Pills to increase sperm count is not a myth

You may have heard about pills such as Semenax and Volume Pills , there are also Maxatin and Maxocum . These formulas are natural and contain a complex of ingredients that promote sperm growth. Moreover, if you want to also increase fertility, then it is better to use Fertility Factor 5 , it not only helps to increase the amount of sperm, but also improve its quality for rapid fertilization of a woman.

If your goal so far is only to increase volume, then Semenax and Volume Pills will definitely solve your problems faster than you think.

How can I increase sperm volume without pills?

This question excites many. Well, really, because you can just restrict your diet and there are only those products that help increase potency and help increase sperm volume. After all, the same zinc is found in fish and seafood.

The only thing is that the concentration of minerals and trace elements in ordinary food is barely noticeable so that only this gives a result.

Therefore, dietary supplements, which include extracts that increase male libido and contribute to an increase in sperm, work more efficiently and faster. Moreover, they need to be taken for at least 6 months to obtain a stable result. And just a diet rich in essential minerals and vitamins is needed as a support for the action of dietary supplements, and not instead of them.

When you finish taking Semenax or Volume Pills , you can only stay on your diet and it will work. You will not need to constantly take pills, because other men do not take them at all and they have powerful ejaculation. This is not just their genetic trait, but an indication of their body’s health and potency.

Even if you have never had a large amount of sperm before, this does not mean that it cannot be increased. The thing is that you must stimulate your potency to produce more sperm and within a few months your body will get used to the fact that more sperm are produced in it. It remains only to support this trend with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Review of the best sperm volume pills

Semenax Review

For 15 years, this dietary supplement has been the main one on the market and can easily overshadow any other products. And all because this formula works very effectively for all men. Someone manages to enhance ejaculation 5 times, someone less, but in general, almost everyone is happy.

The whole secret is not only in the selected ingredients, but in their quantity and balance of the formula. Any incorrect dosage or does not affect your sperm volume or vice versa, worsen your potency.

If you do not want to experiment with unknown products, it is always better to buy Semenax . Some do it for trial – they buy one bottle and within a month they try to understand if the formula works. But this is wrong, the first effect is possible only after 1-2 months, and all because the tablets are natural and do not give an instant effect.

The tablets work effectively when you take Semenax 2 times a day for 2 pcs in the morning and evening. Moreover, their action is directed not only at one function – sperm enhancement, Semenax intake also favorably affects your erection, sexual desire, ability to hold ejaculation.

Let’s take a detailed look at the formula to understand how it works:

  • L-arginine is directly related to improving the quality and quantity of sperm. That is why this amino acid is present in the formula as one of the main components
  • Epimedium leaf has long established itself as one of the best extracts to increase male libido and improve potency in general.
  • Zinc oxide increases the production of testosterone in the blood, without which it is impossible to imagine a strong male potency. It is zinc that is responsible for sperm activity. They must be mobile so that their number is steadily increasing.
  • Catuaba bark has long been known for its properties to improve erection and sperm production. Thanks to her, the Semenax formula is considered so strong and effective.
  • Maca stimulates the growth of erection and stamina in sex. These qualities will be useful to you in matters of strengthening male potency and increasing sperm count.
  • Vitamin E is responsible for the duration of your erection. A sufficient amount of it in the body will provide long sex, strengthening sexual desire
  • Zinc aspartate is very important for the health of your prostate and improved sperm production.
  • Hawthorn berry is rich in antioxidants, which are responsible for the cardiovascular system. She is actively involved in the blood flow to your penis and is responsible for the duration of your erection.
  • Wild oat straw promotes your arousal and after – abundant ejaculation
  • Butea Superba is a very powerful aphrodisiac. This flower enhances your potency and sperm production.
  • Fenugreek helps to strengthen your potency, as well as strengthen your erection, which can last longer than usual
  • Muira Puama is also a strong natural aphrodisiac. It helps improve your concentration and balance the energy needed for long sex with powerful ejaculation.
  • Pumpkin seed helps to strengthen the health of your prostate, as well as increase the number of male hormones that help strengthen male potency
  • L – lysine in combination with zinc enhances sperm production

How does the Semenax formula work?

Isolation of a large volume of sperm provokes a reduction in orgasmic genital muscles, this makes your orgasms more intense, pulsating and pleasant. When you spew more sperm – this helps to prolong your orgasm, because while you ejaculate you feel an orgasm stronger and more powerful.

Thanks to Semenax pills sperm becomes larger at times, its quality also improves. Semenax makes your orgasms spectacular and explosive. You saw how sperm shoots at porn actors, this is due to its powerful development and exit to arms after orgasm. You can achieve the same success as porn actors by regularly taking Semenax .

Let’s highlight all the benefits of buying this formula:

  1. You are buying the best product on the market with a 15-year success story. There are a lot of reviews about him and his reputation is not in doubt, since the product was produced by the famous company Leading Edge Hea ; th
  2. Semenax pills are recommended by doctors, the effect of this formula is clinically confirmed by numerous tests. Their results are published in reputable publications.
  3. Each Semenax tablet uses the right amount of vitamins and minerals needed to produce more sperm
  4. Semenax also enhances your erection, duration of intercourse, and sperm output after ejaculation. As a result, you heal your reproductive system and give it more opportunities by improving hormonal levels.
  5. You should be aware that Semenax can be purchased online without a prescription and medical advice. In fact, it’s just a set of natural ingredients that enhance your potency and sperm production.
  6. The product has a 67 day warranty. This means that if you are not satisfied with its action, then during this period you can request a refund for the purchase

Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  1. Not all men are 100% satisfied with the action of Semenax , some note that Volume Pills acts on them more effectively. This is due to the individual reaction of the body, Volume Pills contains a different composition of ingredients that can work more efficiently. I would recommend for the experiment to buy at least 2 bottles of Volume Pills , which are produced by the same company.
  2. You should buy Semenax only on the official website, as this guarantees the purchase of the original product and a guarantee on it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes on the Internet for this product that can be sold on well-known marketplaces.
  3. The price of pills is quite high even on the official website, but this is only for purchases of 1-3 bottles. If you decide to buy the full course for 6 months, the price can be reduced by half

Volume pills

This is another very effective sperm volume pills. It is distinguished by a completely unique composition, not like Semenax . The company The Leading Edge An Health has created this product by adding to it its ingredients, which are also manifested themselves in enhancing male potency and duration of orgasm and sperm production.

It is worth noting that in nature there are many well-known plant extracts that contribute to the activation of sperm production. Some of them were not included in Semenax specifically so that it was possible to offer men a different formula, with different characteristics, and, as clinical studies have shown, such a set acts on some men much more effectively than Semenax ingredients .

That is why doctors recommend using both formulas in sequence. For example, I took two months of Semenax and after that 1 month of Volume Pills . At the same time, I managed to see the difference and understand that Semenax for me is more efficient. After which, for another 5 months, I took 2 tablets daily.

From other men’s reviews on the forums, to increase potency, I saw that for many men Volume Pills was much more effective than Semenax .

I recommend that you study the composition of both formulas and decide for yourself which one to use, in one – more emphasis on the general strengthening of potency and hormonal levels. The other ( Volume Pills ) focuses more on sexual desire and sperm production.

You can evaluate the ingredients of Volume Pills :

Drilizen – this ingredient is responsible for increasing blood flow to the penis, thanks to it the release of nitric oxide, which is accompanied by increased production of sperm

Solidin – due to its ability to interact with neurons, this ingredient significantly enhances erection and sexual desire. You can achieve better results in terms of the quality of sex and maximum pleasure.

L – Dopa acts on brain pleasure signals

Lin Zhi greatly enhances libido and supports the functioning of the immune system. Indeed, in a healthy and strong male body the power of potency lies

Hong Hua Fen greatly enhances blood flow and prolong erection

Tian Men Tong directly affects sperm production and is responsible for improving erection quality

In addition to these ingredients, the formula also contains Rou Gui , Dong Ching Xia Cao , which enhance your reproductive functions and increase sexual stamina.

Let’s highlight the benefits of Volume Pills

  • No side effects
  • A unique formula that affects sperm production
  • Bioadditive contains only proven ingredients that the best medical publications in the world have written about.
  • Guaranteed to increase your libido and help improve sexual activity
  • The product is guaranteed to work or you can request a refund

Among the disadvantages of Volume Pills

  • Some ingredients are not in the description on the site, but are on the box. Be sure to check the full composition
  • Some of the ingredients in the formula are not approved by the FDA and are related to alternative medicine.
  • Results will not be instant. The optimal course for obtaining the first results is 1-2 months
  • The pill acts exclusively on sperm production, if you want to get some other results, for example, an increase in erection, potency, libido, sexual desire, Volume Pills may not be able to cope with this task, although it includes ingredients that stimulate male potency
  • Volume Pills is a rather expensive product compared to competitors, but this is only if you want to buy all one bottle. In case of purchase of a full course – a discount is possible up to 50%
  • These pills are not sold in pharmacies and marketplaces. The only place to buy them is the official website.

Final Sperm Volume Pills Review

Pills Semenax and the Volume Pills – it is not simple male enhancement so pills , they stimulate the production of sperm and the result will increase sperm volume by 500%. These are very significant improvements and it is for this that these products are highly valued in the market.

Semenax is more effective, as it also helps to strengthen potency, makes your erection stronger and longer. As for other similar products, such as Maxatin and Maxocum , they are significantly inferior to famous brands, since they have not been officially tested and there is no data on the positive results obtained after their administration.