Best Penis Enlargement Pills, that I Took During 8 Months

In today’s world, there is a vast number of drugs, which action is aimed at overcoming sexual dysfunction. However, it is worth remembering that all remedies are divided into safe and dangerous. The difference is that the compound includes natural or synthetic components.

Today we will consider two modern and useful tools that are popular among domestic and foreign consumers. Let’s denote its main differences, impact features, and possible side reactions.

Compare the Best Penis Enlargement Pills

[su_service title=”Quick Note” icon=”icon: calendar-check-o”]First of all, when buying a remedy to improve the sexual function of the body, the consumer should pay attention to its origin and composition.[/su_service]

After all, this is an important aspect that affects the effectiveness, as well as the safety of pills.

All men have repeatedly heard, and almost one in four experienced the positive effects of the Viagra pharmacy. However, few people thought, let alone looked at the composition of this medication.

Viagra consists exclusively of synthetic components such as sildenafil citrate, hypromellose, supplements E132 and E171. The very names of these ingredients cannot but scare, what can we say more about its effect on the body.

The best herbal supplement is the VigRX Plus male enlargement pills, which in demand among consumers. It contains only natural plant-based substances. Looking at the instruction manual, the consumer will not see a single synthetic component in the composition of the biologically active food additive:

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Is It Dangerous to Take Penis Pills?

Any medicine, especially as Viagra, causes addiction in the body. Over time, its effectiveness will decrease, and accordingly, the dose will increase.

[su_box title=”VIAGRA DANGER” title_color=”#DDECFD”]Besides, Viagra components make the most negative impact not only on overall health but also on the deterioration of intimate health. No matter how sad it may sound, but over time, a man begins to experience even more sexual disorders. The composition of Viagra negatively affects the cardiovascular system. [/su_box]

But the most interesting is that the drug does not treat the problem, but only masks it for a short period, which is equal to the duration of the sex. That is, a few hours after taking the pills, the man again becomes impotent and restrained.

[su_highlight]VigRx Plus is the best penis enlarging pill is a safer and more effective male enlargement treatment for direct elimination of erectile dysfunction and treatment of male problems.[/su_highlight] The impact of the biologically active food additive does not cause adverse reactions and has no contraindications. With regular use of VigRx Plus, sexual disorders cease to disturb. You will see the normal functioning of the nervous system and increased stress resistance.

The VigRx Plus is not addictive, so after the end of treatment, the results are preserved for an extended period, which lasts no less than six months.

VigRX Plus Pills

The top natural penis enhancement medicines stimulate the vascular circulation, thereby improving the potency, strengthening the sensitivity of the genitals and making the erection more prolonged and powerful.

Qualified specialists developed the current formula of the supplement in the field of medicine. Quality and compliance certificates confirm the effectiveness and safety of the product. All documents were obtained during clinical and laboratory studies.

[su_service title=”Clinical Facts” icon=”icon: plus-circle”]After starting VigRX Plus, the positive effect of the natural components impact becomes noticeable after 21 days. However, to obtain the maximum result, which will be preserved up to 12 months, it is necessary to prolong the course for 1-2 months.[/su_service]

The only contraindication to the use of the drug may be the allergic reaction to one of its components. In the case of a Viagra, the list of contraindications is extensive: problems with pressure, heart, liver, kidneys, etc.

So, if you want to restore your sexual capacities, which will promote a full sexual life without harm to health, then [su_highlight]we recommend right now to purchase penis enlargement pills like VigRx Plus[/su_highlight]. It is a natural male enlargement product that quickly and effectively copes with the core of the problem, but not outside, as does the Viagra.

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It is probably difficult to find a man who has never heard of pills for penis enlargement. This topic is not so new that we are already tired of such advertising. That’s right, we do not pay attention to the slogans of the next spammers who send the cherished message “Enlarge your penis in 2 weeks in a natural way” to the email.

We learned to ignore such advertising, but at the same time our member remains the same small and continues to torment us with her size.

This is especially true for men who are in search of their soulmate, as well as Lovelace, who like to meet new women and persuade them to have sex. But only do these estates of men feel discomfort?

I’ll tell you honestly, I’ve been married for 15 years and for all this time I understand that my wife doesn’t get an orgasm from me, she laughs from the size of my penis when I wash in the shower or change my underpants.

I will say more, I generally always go in underpants, although I just want to walk around the apartment naked and relax. Why should I be shy about my own wife, you tell me. Well, then you probably are not married and do not understand that just a wife can joke especially sharply on the size of my dick.

And it turns out to be very disappointing, I consider myself a handsome man, I train in the gym, I am only 40 years old, and I have been complexing my entire conscious life because of the modest size of the penis, only 14 cm.

The issue of penis enlargement was critical for me. In this article I will tell how I changed myself and took up the natural enlargement of the penis. Just now, all over the world, quarantine and all men are sitting at home because of caronavirus, at one time I was on vacation for almost a month, since I was invited to a new job.

I used my free time to finally study the question – how to enlarge the penis with natural pills, is this even possible? In this review, I will talk about several tablets that I took for at least 8 months, as well as devices for penis growth that I acquired and tried on myself.

I will divide this article into separate steps that I had to go through before I could increase my penis by 3.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. I will prove to you that this is absolutely true and show how to achieve similar results.

Just read this review to the end to find out the whole truth, a specific program for a natural penis enlargement and all the details that you might not know about before.

Stage 1 – the choice of pills for penis enlargement

This is probably the easiest step, as the whole Internet speaks of only one brand called VigRx Plus . There is ExtenZe , which I also tried.

How did you decide on the choice:

  1. I was looking for a trusted brand of pills that was recommended by doctors
  2. I was interested in the medical facts that the tablets work and I found them about VigRx Plus tablets
  3. I was interested in reviews of real men
  4. I was interested in the ingredients that were used in the formula
  5. I was looking for pills that are manufactured and certified in the USA
  6. Finally, it was important for me that the manufacturer guaranteed the result of a refund for the purchased tablets

I was pretty amazed when it was VigRx Plus that was suggested . The tablet manufacturer is Leading Edge Health . As an alternative to these pills, I also purchased ExtenZe from the same distributor. I bought 12 bottles of VigRx Plus and 6 bottles of ExtenZe and took 6 months of VigRx Plus and 6 months of ExtenZe . Later, for another half a year, I took the remaining supply of VigRx Plus .

Stage 2 – getting the first results

In fact – this stage was the most anticipated. With one, I was only required to take 2 penis enlargement pills. during the day. I did it right after tomorrow and dinner. For 2 weeks I did not notice anything, when from the 3rd week I felt that my erection became stronger and longer.

But this is not a penis enlargement yet? I understood that 2 weeks was a short time, but I was pleased with the positive changes in my potency. At the same time, I did not notice any side effects. The first results from the use of tablets inspired me and I already took VigRx Plus with the mood, the motivation is very necessary and I want to get it as soon as possible

Stage 3 – stable positive changes in sexual life

So, thinking about enlarging my penis, I somehow completely forgot that my erection was very short. We had sex with my wife for only 15 minutes and then I needed a long blowjob if I did not have time to finish. All this annoyed my wife, who wanted me to enjoy falling behind her.

That’s right – if I didn’t have an orgasm, I considered the sexual act incomplete. But with my sexual stamina – it was a problem. So, after a month of taking VigRx Plus, I noticed how my erection began to arise much faster, and I began to have sex longer, ejaculation after orgasm became more vivid and I began to enjoy orgasm even more. We can say that at this stage I felt stronger as a man and this was already half the battle.

Stage 4 – penis enlargement

So, the most interesting thing happened after 2 months, when I measured the size of my penis in an erogenous state. It increased by an inch and how many times I did not measure after an erection – it was always the same, in a relaxed state the penis was about the same.

All this is explained by the principle of action of the VigRx Plus formula , which stimulates blood flow to the penis during an erection. Now the penis has become better filled with blood and the duration of the erection has increased significantly.

All this prompted the tissue of the penis to stretch and an erection literally stretched the penis, making it visually larger. At the same time, the quality of sex increased day by day. I really often made love with my wife, about 4 times a week, and that was a cult for us. And only at this stage my wife admitted to me that she was almost reaching orgasm, which made me very pleased and inspired to move on.

Stage 5 – exercises for penis enlargement or extender?

So, after 3 months of taking the pills, I was so inspired that I decided to speed up my results by connecting more exercises to stretch the penis into my routine. Jelqing and Kegels were supposed to stimulate penis growth in both erogenous and relaxed states.

Naturally, I took pills for penis growth as usual, but on one of the forums I read that for a natural penis enlargement it’s not enough just to take pills, you also need to stretch the penis using exercises or an extender, and hydraulic pumps such as Bathmate also work well.

Knowing that I already have results, I began to study techniques, since it was completely free and there were many articles and programs on the Internet. But when I began to study and practice them, it became clear to me – this is a whole science and a lot of practice is needed.

It turned out to be too complicated for me and I chose a simple solution – I bought a Quick Extender Pro extender and a Bathmate HydroXtreme pump . I did not know yet how to plan the process of stretching a member, but I was pleased that I bought these 2 products, since they were discussed on the forums and shared their tips.

Stage 6 – tablets and extender

So, taking VigRx Plus tablets for 4 months, I connected an extender who was famous for its unique DSS technology to work on enlarging a penis . Its essence is that the member was attached not by one loop, as in ordinary extenders, but by two.

Due to this, the member was firmly fixed, it remains to set the tension and select the correct length of the rods. After looking at the instructions, after a week I quickly got used to the device and used it exclusively at home 3-4 hours a day with a break. After a month of such work, I managed to increase the penis by another inch. Moreover, the results were more rapid than when I just took pills for 3 months

Stage 7 – tablets and pump

So after 5 months of working on my program for penis enlargement, I saw some stagnation in the results and realized that it was time to test my new and expensive HydroXtreme 7 pump with a bulb for manual pumping. But I started with automatic mode.

Everything turned out to be simple – pumping took 15 minutes a day and I did the exercises while standing in the shower or lying in the bathroom. I also took pills without missing 2 pcs every day. In HydroXtreme it was automatic and manual, as a beginner I first 2 months, do not connect the bulb. I noticed that pumping had a very positive effect on my results, only a month of work and my penis grew another half an inch. Now I had pills, an extender and a pump in my arsenal.

Honestly, working with the extender was difficult and I stopped using it. The Bathmate pump is considered to be the only one of its kind that helped precisely in enlarging the penis. The pills gave a steady increase in erection and I was not going to stop taking them. But pumping became the key for me, so after 3 months I decided to connect the manual control to the pump and create a vacuum myself.

It turned out to be quite simple, it was enough to focus on my feelings. It was necessary that you feel the pressure and its strength, but it is also necessary that it be comfortable. The most comfortable load is what I learned to do and I felt that I could increase it. At the forum, I read that the parallel administration of penis enlargement pills such as VigRx Plus helps the body to get all the necessary trace elements so that an erection becomes stronger and male potency grows. Those. all these links of one chain are a single process of strengthening the male strength and length of the penis.

Stage 8 – the final result and its consolidation

So, after 8 months of such a routine, I already had my schedule for using the extender, pump and my program that worked. Well, and most importantly – this is the result that I got through the use of the best pills for enlarging the penis and devices.

Most importantly, my penis enlargement program was combined. I took the necessary trace elements and exerted an external effect on the tissue of the penis with the help of stretching and pumping. All this provoked the cells of the tissues of the penis to divide and fill the resulting gaps in the tissues of the penis with new cells.

I thought that I would be able to at least slightly increase the erogenous member. But in fact, I managed to stretch it and do more in a relaxed state.

How life has changed

So, from the second month of taking the pills, I began to improve the quality of sex, my wife became more pleased with me as a lover. And every day my confidence in my own strength grew. I really wanted to become her best lover, and I needed this first of all. Purely psychologically, I was already tired of complexing because of the size of the penis and my modest erection.

After 8 months, I achieved a member growth of 3.5 inches in length, even more I was glad that the member became larger in girth by 1.5 inches. Now I could better stimulate the walls of the vagina and reach the G – Spot . For the first time in many years, my wife began to regularly experience vaginal orgasm. Imagine, I had to bring her to orgasm with a 20 cm vibrator, and now I threw it away and said that only my penis would be in her vagina.

The conclusion for myself, I made this – no need to believe that the pills work. You need to study the issue from a medical point of view and read the reviews of those men who have successfully increased their penis in a natural way. Over the past 20 years, a lot of information has been gathered about how to increase a member, the most important thing is to analyze the most important and make your choice, make up your personal program. This is important because each man is individual and different devices and natural tablets work for him. Choose what works for you.