The Best Penis Extenders that Increase Penis Size by 3 Inches (Guaranteed)

Self-confidence in men is always varied according to what they feel and what they look like. Most of the time, the thing that affects a man’s confidence is the size of their penis. Guys who have a smaller size of penis tend to lack confidence that the ones who are endowed.

For those reasons, people are using the best penis stretcher to gain penis size. From so many different products of penis extender, we have three different penis extenders that can be considered functional. Here are three of the best penis extenders reviews on the market that you should consider buying.

Vimax Penis Extender

You might know Vimax primarily in the form of a pill or cream to enlarge penis size. Now, they also come with a device that can be categorized as a penis extender. Vimax extender comes with such a high-end design, and it looks rather expensive despite being cheap in pricing. You can have this product in your hand with just slightly under a hundred dollars. The product itself is intended to be used alongside with the pills and the patches.

During your use of pills and patches along with the extender, you will gain penis size significantly.

[su_service title=”Clinical Facts” icon=”icon: plus-circle”]The device has claimed to add both girth and length with an overall gain of three inches.[/su_service]

These gains are of course true if you use the products routinely. Other than adding penis size, it also improves the quality of your sex life through a better climax.

The Euro Extender Penis Stretching Device

Euro Extender is the best penis stretching device that is considered work by many people. Unlike the previous ones, you might not have heard of this one, yet it is not a reason to back out from these products.

Euro Extender has been known to increase the size of your penis around two and three inches and also your quality of manhood altogether. The aim of the device is not just to add girth and length but even the harder and firmer erection.

The Euro Extender is not just one device but also includes pills and an exercise guide. If you buy the whole package of the penis extender, you have to pay around two hundred dollars. For the stretcher only, it will only cost ninety-nine dollars.

SizeGenetics Penis Stretching

[su_note note_color=”#DDECFD”]Our final products can be considered the ultimate penis extender. The product has been on the market for around twenty years. An even medical expert would advise you to purchase this brand if you want a penis extender. They claim to produce real results by posting actual before and after picture. Just like the others, it comes with instruction and the device itself.[/su_note]

This penis enlargement device is very comfortable to use with fifty-eight different ways of using it. During the extending process, it is necessary for you to use it for about four hours per day for around two months. The pricing itself is a lot more expensive than the previous two. For a package of it, you will have to purchase it for around two hundred dollars.

To learn more about how penis stretchers works, go here – ncbi.nlm.nih.

Penis Enlargement Extender is a Good Solution

Medicine can say anything about the normal length of the penis, but if there is cause for concern, then self-confidence and strength, as a rule, disappears. An extender for enlarging the penis can help solve the problem without using a scalpel and anesthesia – an innovative device that can be trusted with such a valuable organ.

What are these devices and how do they work

Any muscle and skin of the human body can be stretched. The work of devices – extenders, which provide mechanical stretching of the trunk of the penis without the use of surgical intervention, is based on this principle. Also, the use of an extender is prescribed as an adjuvant after surgery to increase the penis to consolidate the effect of surgical intervention.

Despite the fact that the extender belongs to medical devices, it is allowed to independently purchase and use the device without a prescription and medical recommendations.

According to the method of fastening to the trunk of the penis, the extender has three varieties:

  • Loopback – the simplest and most affordable penis stretcher that is fixed on the penis using a special tourniquet, of the shortcomings – the least effective, harnesses can rub, unreliable fixation;
  • Strap – a device of the middle price category, which is attached using a special strap with manual tightening or with a snap mechanism, more convenient than the previous version, but can also cause discomfort during prolonged wear;
  • The vacuum is the most expensive, but also quite an effective extender that does not pinch the head and is suitable for prolonged wearing that does not violate the natural blood flow in the organ, of the shortcomings, is the high price.

How to use penis stretchers and when to wait for the results

The extender is not endowed with any magical properties. Its effect is similar to an attempt to sit on a twine – even a minimum of wearing will still have a tensile effect on the penis.

This is due to the fact that the trunk of the penis is a muscle containing many cavernous bodies, which will stretch under the influence of the penis extender. Accordingly, the longer the trunk of the penis is stretched, the more blood during erection can accommodate the cavernous bodies, the more pronounced the effect of using the device.

It is necessary to treat the extender as a power simulator – gradually increasing the step and wearing time. The result depends on the elasticity of the skin and blood circulation, the better they are, the faster the result. Do not start with too much tension, as this can result in personal injury. The most optimal is the presence of tension and a gradual increase in step, focusing on your own feelings.

It has been experimentally proven that with the help of an extender you can increase the penis to 6 cm in 3-6 months of daily use according to the following scheme:

  • 1st week – no more than 1.5 hours of total wear with a possible break of up to 30 minutes with an increase in stride length of 2 mm every 3 days, removing it when urinating;
  • 2nd week – at least 3 hours a day with minimizing the number of breaks;
  • 3rd week and subsequent – a gradual increase in the wearing time to 8 hours and the elimination of breaks with a gradual increase in stride length to the desired parameters.

You should know that the maximum possible length by which the penis can be enlarged without any imbalances is 7 cm.
3) Phallosan Forte ( also the Plus version ) at a Glance, Quick Extender Pro, Male Edge, SizeGenetics, ProExtender

The most popular penis extenders

#1 Phallosan Forte

A vacuum extender, the manufacturer of which guarantees a penis enlargement of up to 5 cm in 1000 hours of wearing the device (about 4 months), since its use minimizes the discomfort of the application, creates an imperceptible vacuum tension, which allows it to be used even during sleep;

Phallosan Forte Plus – a modification of the Phallosan Forte with an increased possibility of tensioning up to 4.8 kg, which absolutely does not affect the comfort of use, but significantly speeds up the result;

#2 Quick Extender Pro

It is a strap system for enlarging and eliminating penile curvature using the DSS ( Double Strap Support) system, approved by the Turin National Institute of Urology. It allows you to increase the length of the penis up to 32% in 3-6 months, provides comfort tension from the tip along the entire axis of the penis;

#3 Male Edge

Danish development for penis enlargement, the penis extender belongs to the strap- rod, the manufacturer guarantees a natural and comfortable penis enlargement in 3-6 months up to 30% of the length;

#4 SizeGenetics

A strap- rod extension with a snap-on mounting mechanism, the manufacturer is guaranteed hypoallergenic and high-quality materials, the comfort of use and reliability of the result up to 3 cm in 4 months of use;

#4 ProExtender

It is an American-made rod extender with two pairs of 3 and 5 cm rods and the ability to adjust the tension.

Clinical trials about penis traction

Clinical laboratory Andromedical Laboratory studied and documented the effectiveness and principle of the penis traction technology, which underlies the work of all modifications of extenders.

The research results published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine and the American Journal of Obstetrics indicate significant effectiveness and safety of the technology and the possibility of its application not only for solving aesthetic problems but also for:

treatment of Peyronie’s disease – pathological penile curvature;
auxiliary after penis enlargement surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the penis is a delicate and important organ, men are usually distrustful of the use of such devices. Of the most frequently asked questions, the following should be noted:

Is there a health hazard from using a penis extender?

Extender refers to medical devices and is used to correct pathological curvatures of the penis. Its use is completely safe with strict adherence to instructions and orientation to your own feelings.

How comfortable is penis enlargement technology?

Observing the gradualness and using a certified device with vacuum tension, you can achieve complete comfort from using an expander with the fastest effect.

How to make a useful program?

The correct use program should be based on your own feelings and gradualness. The maximum increase in tension is not a guarantee of a quick result. Start with 1.5 hours of total use at intervals of 20 minutes.

By the end of 1 week, bring the wearing time to 3 hours, and the second to 6 hours. The tension step is best increased once every 2-3 days to the desired length. Gradually minimize the time of rest periods and by the end of the first month stop them altogether.

What is the average price of the penis enlargement device?

The price of extenders ranges from $ 200 to $ 1,000, depending on the modification of the device and its completeness. The most expensive are vacuum systems, but they are also the most effective and comfortable, as well as easier to use. The cheapest are loopbacks, but they also have a significant number of drawbacks.

Can I buy a penis extender on the official website of the manufacturer?

An order can be made on the manufacturers’ official website, but there is a risk of losing the parcel, as well as a significant drawback – delivery time and the risk of inability to make payment for the order.

Almost all manufacturers have official representative offices in all countries of the world, therefore, for the speed of receiving an order, it is better to purchase an extender from an official representative.

Is there a guarantee of the result?

The result of the use of the extender primarily depends on the user’s commitment and duration of wearing the device, and secondly, on the quality of the extender itself. Since loopback obsolete devices need longer wearing and often fly off the penis.

The longer the extender is worn, the more effective its effect. The effect of its use is irreversible, that is, there is no risk that by ceasing to wear the penis stretcher, the member will again return to its original size.

This is due to the fact that when stretched, new cells are stimulated to grow. Exactly the same principle is used in the treatment of burns to stimulate the growth of skin and injured muscle fibers.

The rate of onset of the expected effect also depends on the condition of the skin and blood circulation. Therefore, to expedite the result, it is recommended to use auxiliary means, special preparations, and massage.

What is the difference between vacuum devices and straps ( with rods)

A vacuum extender from a strap extender differs not only in price but also in the way of fastening, tension, and completeness. Comparative characteristics of devices are given in the table.

The recommendation is also to accept VigRx Plus and use Jelqing techniques

To accelerate the effect of the use of the extender, it is recommended to use drugs and massage to improve blood circulation.

VigRx Plus ( Vigrix Plus) is an affordable and safe drug based on plant extracts, which helps to improve potency, blood circulation of the pelvic organs, and is also used as part of complex therapy of sexual impotence.

Jelqing technique is a massage for penis enlargement, combining various techniques of tension, tingling and grip, which improve blood circulation, stretch the skin and muscle tissue of the penis.

An integrated approach to solving the problem will provide a high speed of achieving the desired result.