Semenax Pills Review. My Own Tips, Step-by-Step Results

As they grow older, many men begin to notice a drop in the amount of sperm. This feature may entail some sexual dysfunction.

If you’re experiencing any issues related to the insufficient volume of semen, do not ignore them! They may soon lead to serious adverse consequences. Today, we will consider the main effects of the best supplements aimed to increase sperm production and enhance the volume of semen.

How Does Semenax Work?

It’s an open secret there exists a huge variety of remedies capable of drastically improving the quality of your sexual life. The Semenax falls into this category. [su_highlight]Their compositions include a mixture of natural ingredients that are beneficial for men’s health and capable of solving many intimate issues.[/su_highlight]

Volume Pills and Semenax take effect through stirring up blood circulation in the pelvic organs. As a result, their cells become saturated with oxygen and the nutrients necessary to produce a sufficient volume of ejaculate.

[su_service title=”Clinical facts” icon=”icon: plus-circle”]The average volume of semen released during orgasm is about 5 ml.[/su_service]

If taken regularly, Semenax nutritional supplement can raise this figure to 13 ml. As soon as your sperm volume reaches the normal level, you will notice a lot of positive changes in your sexual life.

The Semenax Advantages

Let’s single out the range of positive properties of the mentioned above semen volume enhancers:

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle-o”]

  • Their compositions include a complex of natural ingredients producing the most positive effect on male sexual health;
  • The safety and effectiveness of the supplements have repeatedly been tested in clinical trials;
  • No contraindications;
  • A quality guarantee confirmed by positive feedback from consumers and quality certificates;
  • An uncomplicated pattern of treatment.


Where to Buy Semenax Pills?

The main peculiar feature of buying men’s semen supplements is direct interactions with the manufacturer.

[su_box title=”Important” title_color=”#DDECFD”]Only the company’s official website can offer a truly effective, original and safe remedy for semen volume enhancement.[/su_box]

The products can be delivered to any region of the world in any required quantity through any courier and transportation service.

[su_note note_color=”#DDECFD”]Does your sexual life not satisfy you and your partner anymore? Perhaps it’s because your body produces an insufficient amount of sperm during ejaculations. In turn, this becomes the main cause of male sexual dysfunctions. If you’re ready to eliminate your problems, increase semen volume using Semenax. As a rule, their effect by far exceeds the user’s expectations.[/su_note]

Quarantine is a great opportunity to improve your semen count

When we are all in quarantine, we have the opportunity not only to improve our immunity by eating foods rich in vitamin C but also to improve our potency and our sexual capabilities.

How long have you dreamed of ejaculating like a porn star? For most men, the ejaculation volume is very small, but for porn stars, the sperm flow is pouring, it seems endless?

In this review we will talk about their main secret – the Semenax pills, which is able to turn your regular ejaculation into a real sight, because sperm are produced 5 times more.

Moreover, strong and powerful ejaculation is not only a way to assert itself in the eyes of your sexual partner, but it is also your opportunity to experience the pleasure of orgasm longer. Even if you masturbated, with Semenax your orgasm will be several times longer and more intense. This is due to the fact that after taking this dietary supplement, your penis begins to shoot sperm, which is referred to in porn videos as cumshots.

That’s right, the pulsating ejaculation, from which you just embrace bliss. Moreover, I noticed that after a month of taking Semenax, I really like to cum on my wife’s pussy, on her anus, or on her tongue. No matter how strange it sounds, I get great pleasure from my new ejaculation, which has become 5 times more than usual.

This is expressed in everything:

  • In the desire to have sex, because I know that my orgasm will be enchanting and she will again have to wash my sperm
  • In the desire to watch how my sperm gets on her genitals, sometimes I force my wife to collect sperm with her hand and put it in her mouth. I can’t convey it – I seem to be inside a porn movie
  • And by the way, while my wife and I are at home in our house near Paris, we just have sex daily and shot some home videos that I often masturbate to. So I did not imagine before that ejaculating a couple of drops after an orgasm, I will have right so powerful ejaculation. It may not be suitable for a porn movie, but for a home video it’s super

How I shoot my starring home video with my wife

After 6 months of taking Semenax pills, I felt that it was time to shoot some kind of home video because now I ejaculate several times more and this could be spectacular.

  1. I bought holders for my phone without bothering
  2. I immediately connected 2 phones and placed them in the room where I was planning to shoot
  3. I have a fairly bright room in the house, we in it ourselves – have sex
  4. The wife takes her most erotic outfits and we immediately proceed to sex
  5. To activate the shooting, I use the Bluetooth switch
  6. I have a Sony camera that bloggers use.
  7. I shoot with her all the genitals of his wife
  8. This whole situation excites me insanely, sometimes I shoot in the kitchen
  9. I don’t turn off the cameras on the phones during the whole filming process, then I just mount
  10. My wife changes clothes several times, I recover after orgasm and back to business
  11. If my erection subsides – I use Prosolution Gel-cream, it enhances desire and erection instantly, by the way, I bought it with Semenax on the site

Semenax has improved the quality of sex with his wife

We have been together for 11 years and we are definitely missing some new experiments in sex. My wife loves to have sex, I often bring her to orgasm, but she always saddened by my ejaculation. After all, there was so little sperm that sometimes she asked me if I really finished. All this knocked me down and sometimes I did not want to have sex, because I wanted to wait a few days before the sperm collected.

My wife loves to swallow sperm and it excites her as I ejaculate. I knew about this even after our first meeting, when she asked to cum on her chest and 2 drops fell from my penis there. Then I thought we would not meet again. I was very upset and over the next 10 years, our sex was never enchanting, since ejaculation was always scarce.

I went to the doctor with this problem, but he argued that I needed to do my health, lose weight, start playing sports, and eat foods rich in zinc. At the same time, I was not allowed to drink or smoke. I could not even in the future from all this feel the result.

As an option, he suggested that I use dietary supplements like Semenax that stimulate the production of sperm in the body. But he said that all this relates to alternative medicine and he cannot write me a prescription for the purchase of such a dietary supplement, as it is not approved by the FDA.

I myself purchased Semenax on the official website, took the maximum package, plus I bought a cream for instant erection since I can not hold an erection for too long. This helped later, and I already bought several tubes of Prosolution Gel, it really helps.

Semenax benefits in detail

So, I would like to talk about those positive changes that began to occur with me after taking Semenax. The first results, as they said on the forum, can be observed no earlier than after 1 month.

The changes were as follows:

  • I began to feel that my ejaculation became more explosive, throbbing. All this due to muscle contraction during orgasm, they became brighter
  • I often masturbate with the help of my Fleshlight, which I acquired a year ago, along with various sleeves and textures. I still have Max from Lovense, if I was going on a business trip, my wife would put Lovense Lush 2 in the vagina, and I would put Max on my penis in my hotel. We had virtual sex, it was very exciting. The toys are synchronized between and deliver incredible pleasure, the effect of presence, I filmed all this on my camera, it is in my home. Now orgasms during masturbation have become even stronger and brighter, and thanks to the toys the feeling was such that I really have sex with her
  • I noticed that now I could have sex longer and the erection was maximum up to 40 minutes, although earlier I could last a maximum of 15-20 minutes
  • I began to recover faster after ejaculation. A new erection came in 15 minutes, especially quickly if it sucked my cock for at least 5 minutes. Sometimes I didn’t even go to the bathroom – she perfectly sucks my cock and swallows all the sperm. When my wife began to complain about the taste of sperm, I just bought another Yummy Cum dietary supplement, with her sperm taste improved significantly
  • I also felt that my sexual appetite increased significantly. Sometimes I didn’t need public to get an erection, sometimes I could cook something with my wife in the kitchen and undress her right on the kitchen table and fuck her like in porn movies. I am glad that we have a mutual desire for her. I fell in love with her because she was a real nympho and sex had the same meaning for her as for me
  • The duration of my orgasm was now several times longer than usual. You have an orgasm while you are ejaculating. If there is more sperm, it needs more time to completely exit, which means that there is much more pleasure

What do you know about sperm fluid? Let’s size:

  • Seed plasma
  • Bulbourethral fluid
  • Prostate-related fluid
  • Seminal vesicle fluid

And Semenax pills act on this entire group of fluids that make up our sperm. Semenax is not just some sperm stimulator out there that porn actors used to achieve good ejaculation. They injected special synthetic drugs that helped to maintain an erection and enhance ejaculation.

No one does it today, why? All porn actors today care about their health and take Semenax, and constantly. For a powerful erection, they use creams such as Prosolution Gel . I read about all this on the forum about increasing erection, there were many different reviews, but one thing I knew for sure, there are few alternatives to Semenax, the second product is called Volume Pills and it is produced by the same company.

There is a different formula, it may be more suitable for you, since other ingredients are involved in it, to which your potency can better respond. I would recommend and buy Semenax and the Volume Pills in a ratio of 70 /30, to better understand what is right for you.

What should you know about Semenax ingredients?

All of them are natural, many of them have passed clinical trials and their result is proven. There are no hidden ingredients in the Semenax formula, harmful or substandard.

The product was developed by the famous company Leading Edge Health and has been on the market for more than 15 years. You have no reason to worry, Semenax has no side effects and works exactly as it is written on the company’s website.

I have long researched this product myself:

  • Read reviews on the forums
  • Read reviews on
  • I read reviews on Amazon, which incidentally sells a lot of Chinese fakes on Semenax , so I recommend making a purchase only on the official website
  • I studied the official website and wrote to support
  • I carefully studied the effectiveness of each of the 17 ingredients in the formula

I did this both for myself and for my readers. Today, 9 months have passed since I started taking the pills and for about 2 months I have not been taking them and have not noticed a decrease in sperm volume.

Those. the result still remains with me, since I listened to the tips on the forum and started using the diet, I have an easy fitness program at home and more natural products have appeared in my diet that stimulate sperm production.

List of ingredients:

L-lysine helps increase testosterone levels. This male hormone is directly responsible not only for the strength of your erection but also for the production of sperm in your body. This amino acid in combination with zinc, which is in the formula naturally synthesizes testosterone.

Epimedium Sagittatum – This herb activates blood circulation and gives a powerful flow to your penis for a maximum erection.

L-Carnitine. It is this amino acid that is responsible for enhancing the mobility of your sperm. Thanks to this activation, more sperm is produced in the body.

Pumpkin seeds increase the overall tone of the body and affect the health of your prostate

Maca has long stimulated an erection. Today, this ingredient is used in the most effective dietary supplements to enhance erection and sperm production.

Pine bark extract enhances erection by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the blood. This ingredient improves erection quality.

Muira Puama comprehensively enhances male libido, potency, strengthens an erection and improves your male sexual functions

Pros and Cons of Semenax

So, as a Semenax user, I can highlight the main pros and cons of this product, since I went through the full course of taking the pills. What did I get?


  • First of all, my main goal was to increase the amount of sperm, it became more than 5 times. Those. this is the maximum result that I could count on
  • I began to get more pleasure from orgasm and ejaculation. My orgasmic muscles began to contract more and this is realized in increased pleasure
  • The strength of the erection has grown significantly, I really began to notice that the erection has become larger. All this due to increased blood flow to the penis. Nitric oxide helps to relax the muscles of the penis, which frees up additional space in the chambers to fill the blood.
  • The duration of my sexual intercourse has doubled. Those. I really began to hold an erection longer
  • After orgasm, I began to recover faster
  • Maximum one night I experienced 5 orgasms, this was with me at 20, but not at 38 as it is now
  • Over the entire period of using the product, I have never seen any side effects, nausea, headaches, or problems with potency. I feel a surge of sexual strength like never before
  • I have increased sexual desire, I really wanted my wife in a new way


Probably need to talk about them. I really thought for a long time what to write here, because there are really a few minutes. Here they are:

  • I found a clinical study about this product on an independent medical site, and not on the official
  • The facts about the work of the products are very controversial. For someone, it works, for someone not. I would recommend buying Volume Pills along with buying Semenax, as these are 2 different formulas from the same manufacturer. And they work differently
  • The price of the product is high, but this is only if you buy 1-3 bottles. There is no point in this, the minimum course is 6 months
  • The product comes from the United States, so you need to wait until it arrives in Europe (5-7 days)
  • Delivery was free only when ordering more than 3 bottles of Semenax

Semenax final review

Today, powerful ejaculation is a tribute to fashion. At the same time, ejaculating more than usual, you will assert yourself much more and become a better lover. The amount of sperm depends on your sexual abilities. If you want to become a real good lover, you can’t do without good ejaculation.

Previously, only porn stars used this product and it was made for them, but today it is available to each of you. I took both Semenax and Volume Pills, there are no other formulas on the market or they are little known, choose a quality product and order it only on the official website.