VigRx Plus Review: Experts vs. Customers Opinion in 2022

Means for male potency and penis enlargement VigRx Plus – a synonym for male power 1) Raise the problem of male potency and weak erection.

VigRx Plus Formula – Plant Balance

The VigRx Plus supplement for potency and penis growth is an innovative formula of the popular until recently. VigRx is made in the USA, which has established itself as an effective pill that has beneficial effects on men’s health. Clinical trials to test this drug have been published in the British commercial publication BioMed Central and are included in the US National Library of Medicine.

10 extracts from high-quality plant materials, each of which is responsible for its effect on the body, make up the current formula of the drug. The VigRx Plus formula is supplemented with components used in the practice of restoring sexual function and increasing libido, and also includes a tool that helps increase penis.

The composition of the components is balanced in such a way as to comprehensively solve the problems of men’s health. The composition of the extracts that make up the drug not only increases potency but also contains substances that care about mental health.

The Review of VigRx Plus Benefits

The effectiveness of using VigRx Plus as the main male enhancement supplement or as an adjuvant for the treatment of sexual dysfunction has been proven not only during testing of the drug, but also its popularity among men of different age categories. The widespread use of VigRx Plus is due to its operational therapeutic effects and complex effects on the male body. With regular admission:

  • Natural restoration of blood circulation occurs, stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs is eliminated, which is especially important for potency;
  • The tone of the blood vessels increases, providing active blood supply to the penis at the time of erection;
  • The quantitative and qualitative composition of the ejaculate is significantly improved, which is especially important
  • When using the drug for the comprehensive treatment of infertility;
  • The function of the testes and spermatogenesis processes are restored;
  • Regained control of ejaculation and the quality and duration of orgasms;
  • Increased sexual stamina, contributing to a significant increase in the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • Sexual desire is restored and enhanced.
  • In addition, significantly increases overall tone, muscle activity, immune response.

How does the VigRx Plus Work?

The principle of action is based on many years of homeopathic practice of treatment with herbal extracts. The only difference is in the more concentrated composition and purity of the raw materials used for the production of VigRx Plus. Indications for use of the drug: sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, insufficient penis size, infertility, decreased libido.

Taking the VigRx Plus supplement contributes to the following changes in the male body:

  • penis enlargement – occurs due to the influence of two factors: improving blood circulation and stimulating the growth of new cells, while increasing the size of the cavernous bodies, which are actively filled with blood, which helps to increase the organ not only 5 mm long, but also 6 mm wide;
  • Improving the quality of erectile function (duration and stability of an erection) is due to the restoration of blood circulation and the elimination of blood stasis in the pelvic organs;
  • An increase in the duration of sexual intercourse with the preservation of erectile function is ensured by relieving nervous tension and psychological stress;
  • Increased sex drive – such changes in the body are ensured by the presence of aphrodisiacs in the components that actively stimulate the libido;
  • Infertility prevention is carried out using VigRx Plus components that have a beneficial effect on sperm production;
    Prevention of impotence occurs due to the complex effect of the drug on the male genital area.

How to take VigRx Plus? My Review

Taking the drug should be started immediately if there are male health problems. There are no restrictions on the age of treatment.

Four VigRx Plus regimens are used: prophylaxis, admission as the main drug, admission as an adjuvant, and a single admission.

How to Treat ED?

To prevent sexual dysfunction, infertility, premature ejaculation and impotence, you must take 1 tablet 1 time per day for 3 months. The course is recommended to be repeated 2 times a year.

Admission as the main drug

VigRx Plus is indicated for increasing tone, libido, reducing nervous tension and psychosomatic disorders, erectile function. The intake regimen involves 2 tablets 2 times a day for 3 months for one course. Repeat the course 2 times a year at regular intervals.

Using VigRx Plus as a Supplement

The formula has proven itself in the comprehensive treatment of Peyronie’s disease (pathological curvature of the penis), impotence, infertility. The course is designed for the entire treatment period, 2 tablets 2 times a day until the main drugs are discontinued. Then you can go to preventive doses.

One-time reception

It is indicated for improving erection, orgasm and increasing the duration of sexual intercourse. It is necessary to take 1 tablet 60-90 minutes before the start of intercourse.

In this review, we write that taking pills is not enough. You must also eat right, exercise, give up bad habits

An integrated approach – a guarantee of results

Of course, VigRx Plus is an excellent male enhancement pill that solves many delicate male problems with one or two tablets. But if you really care about your health, and you are set to the long-term preservation of male strength and sexual potential, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to solve problems.

Smoking and alcohol are not the best friends of men’s health. One excessively narrows the blood vessels, and the other expands them. Due to this, thrombosis (blockage) of the great vessels occurs, which leads to prolonged stagnation of blood, adversely affecting potency.

The same can be said of a sedentary lifestyle. Professions related to programming and driving vehicles to transfer a man to the risk zone for premature extinction of sexual abilities and the occurrence of genital disorders.

Therefore, when ordering a supplement for yourself, take care also of a lifestyle change:

  • Give up bad habits;
  • Set aside time for regular workouts and physical activity;
  • Change the diet.
  • Such changes, combined with the use of VigRx Plus, will provide a long sex life and good men’s health and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actual questions about the drug

Men are always incredulous about pills and potions. Especially those who need to be entrusted with the most important thing – potency. The TOP 5 questions for using VigRx Plus include the following.

Is the supplement safe?

Clinical studies published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2012) indicate that treatment is completely safe for the human body. Surveys commissioned by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt contain the same data. LTD, who took as data the test data from a group of volunteers aged 25 to 50 years, among whom no negative or adverse reactions were observed during the whole time of taking the drug.

Are there guarantees

According to the preclinical and clinical trials conducted by the developers of VigRx Plus, all subjects experienced significant changes in the quality of sexual life and functioning of the genital organs, as well as:

  • Erection control improves by 62.82%;
  • Orgasm quality – by 22.49%;
  • Increase in attraction – by 61%.
  • The peculiarity of the drug lies in the cumulative effect, that is, the more you take it, the better the desired effect is manifested. A disciplined patient who regularly undergoes a course of treatment, who approaches the solution of the problem comprehensively, will receive a guaranteed positive result.

How true are the manufacturer’s promises?

You can cite all publications containing data on the positive reaction of the male body to taking VigRx Plus, but a better confirmation of the manufacturer’s guarantee than refunds in the absence of positive changes speaks for itself.

Information on the guaranteed return of funds within the first 67 days after the purchase is provided on the official website, provided that the buyer returns empty packages of the drug.

Who recommends taking the drug?

VigRx Plus is recommended for use by urologists, clinicians, and sexologists as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of infertility and sexual impotence. Also, the tool has proven itself in the correction of the size of the penis, auxiliary therapy after ligamentotomy and the treatment of Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis).

Among the most eminent representatives of medicine who use VigRx Plus in his medical practice is Steven Lamm, MD, medical director of the Center for Male Health at New York University in Langon.

Are there any side effects?

VigRx Plus does not contain artificially created chemicals, hormonal components. The stimulating effect of the product is provided by a balanced combination of plant extracts. It is clinically proven that the drug is completely harmless for daily use according to the selected scheme with a repeat of the course of administration and does not cause a negative effect on the reproductive system and the body as a whole.

The magic of VigRx Plus in its components

The uniqueness of the formula in the ratio of plant extracts, the use of which is based on many years of practice of herbal treatment of the male genital area. The composition VigRx Plus includes the following components:

  • Epimedium ( colorless ) extract of the barberry family. This tool is used in homeopathy to increase testosterone levels and stimulate spermatogenesis, its effect has a positive effect on the quality of the ejaculate and sperm motility, and also corrects hormonal imbalances;
  • Hop-like dodder extract. This component helps to increase the tone of the urogenital muscles and tonic acts on the pelvic organs, helping to restore the blood circulation of the genitourinary system;
  • An extract of Ginkgo biloba – normalizes biochemical processes in the genital organs, has a tonic and restorative effect on the body as a whole, as well as a healthy effect on the circulatory system;
  • Chinese ginseng extract – helps rejuvenate the body, relieves nervous excitement, the effects of overwork and helps increase stamina;
  • Creeping Serena extract – has a biochemical effect on the prostate gland, contributing to the normalization of the production of sex hormones;
  • Extracts of roots Muira Pauma, bark Erythroxylum and Turner spreading – needed to increase sexual desire, is a natural aphrodisiac, has a stimulating effect;
  • Hawthorn extract – a restorative component for the normalization of the cardiovascular and nervous system;
    extract from black pepper seeds (Bioperine) – a means to improve the action of components and increase their absorption by the body, also has a rejuvenating effect.

Features of VigRx Plus

Health Guaranteed

Buying VigRx Plus is an affordable opportunity to take care not only of men’s health but also of the body as a whole. The impact of intensive professional activity, when for the performance of official duties is performed 24/7, you often have to forget about what a normal sexual life is. Regular intake of VigRx Plus means not only tones up, but also provides good health with a long guarantee!

Sexual stamina

The decrease in the duration of sexual intercourse is familiar to every third man after forty. This may be due to a number of factors that VigRx Plus does well. Thanks to the complex effect on the body – minutes of love pass into high-quality and intense hours with a long orgasm and vivid sensations!

Synonymous with male power

It happens when desire and opportunity do not coincide. But it is especially sad if this begins to repeat more often and leads to discord with oneself. VigRx Plus helps to feel like a man again who has no problems in bed. The combination of a healthy lifestyle and this tool to increase potency is a guaranteed elimination of dysfunctions of the sexual sphere!


Discomfort and dissatisfaction with his body can drive into severe depression. VigRx Plus is a reliable way out of a depressive state, not only normalizing the function of the penis but also contributing to the correction of its size. Such an effect, combined with an increase in attraction and potency, is one of the vivid life impressions that inspire confidence in one’s strengths and capabilities!

Second youth

Age-related changes in the male body are possible, but VigRx Plus helps to slow them down significantly. Increasing tone and increasing libido, it helps a mature man to feel young again!

Buying on the official website is a guarantee of receiving the original funds

Online publications are full of advertisements for various means of increasing potency. You can meet them and VigRx Plus. But is it worth it to risk your health for the sake of imaginary savings, turning to unknown sellers?

To protect yourself from unreasonable costs, which also carry potential health risks, it is better to purchase VigRx Plus on the official website, directly from the manufacturer. Since such a purchase is a guarantee of receiving the original funds, as well as additional bonuses.


It makes no sense for the manufacturer to offer counterfeit products to its customers. Since in this case, he risks his reputation. What is especially important in connection with the need for taking the drug courses. By placing an order on the official website, the buyer can be 100% sure that he will receive the original drug.


In search of VigRx Plus, you can find a cheap analog or even an outright fake. But think for yourself: the components of the drug cannot be cheap, since these are extracts, for the preparation of which a significant amount of natural raw materials is processed, which must be acquired and stored.

Therefore, the original tool can not be cheap. And health is not the point at which you can save. Moreover, solving the problems VigRx Plus is dealing with will provide a significant improvement in the quality of life.

Warranties from the manufacturer

Only on the official website do customers have the opportunity to try out VigRx Plus. The manufacturer guarantees that if for some reason the product did not suit you, you can return your money back by sending an empty package no later than 67 days from the receipt of the order.

Availability of bonuses and advantageous offers

The manufacturer VigRx Plus often announces on the official website about the possibility of acquiring the drug at a bargain price. This can be a substantial discount on the course, dedicated to significant dates, or a discount for a regular customer from 5 to 10%. Free shipping is often offered as a bonus.

Prompt delivery

The efficiency of delivery depends on the country of residence of the client and can be from a day to 2 weeks. But even to the most remote corners of the world, the manufacturer VigRx Plus guarantees prompt delivery no later than 2 weeks from the moment of placing the order.

Product advantages: a guarantee of results, real research, safety, fame, and trust. Cons: price, waiting 3 weeks until they work

VigRx Plus Pros and Cons Reviewed

Like any tool, VigRx Plus can be characterized by two parameters: advantages and disadvantages.

The undoubted advantages of the drug are:

  • Scientifically substantiated and guaranteed by the manufacturer result, compliance with the quality of VigRx Plus and its effect on the male body – the most significant advantage of the drug;
  • The absence of side effects and reactions, as with most medications and drugs – from VigRx Plus does not hurt the head and skin reactions or heart rhythm failure;
  • Popularity – reviews on official and popular men’s forums indicate a wide distribution of the drug, it is also important that all information about VigRx Plus can be obtained from your urologist;
  • Trust – VigRx Plus has trusted millions of men of all ages with their male health and have not regretted it. The quality of the drug and its components and popularity among men – allow you to trust him with your health.
  • You can add a bit of reality to the rainbow-colored VigRx Plus feature. Having listed its shortcomings:
  • Price – the drug does not belong to the low price category and for its purchase, it is necessary to pay a significant amount, but in comparison with the costs of a comprehensive examination and treatment with a urologist or sexologist, the cost of the treatment is not so high;
  • The expectation of positive changes – you need to be patient and follow the rules of admission in order to finally feel the changes that were guaranteed by the manufacturer. This expectation is more than offset by the cumulative effect of taking the drug, which continues to operate even after the end of the course.

Conclusions – The best product on the market, doctors recommend, many advantages

VigRx Plus – the best solution to restore and increase potency

Comparing all the facts known about VigRx Plus, we can confidently call it the most effective in the market of means to increase potency. The quality of the drug is not in doubt, as it contains an innovative formula of time-tested plant extracts. An important point in favor of the formula is the absence of adverse reactions.

With his admission, the treatment of one organ due to harm to another will not work. The drug not only cares about increasing potency but is also able to return to normal life and give a second youth, providing a tonic and rejuvenating effect not only on the reproductive system but also on the body as a whole. VigRx Plus is synonymous with masculine power and vibrant sex life experiences!