Which Penis Straightener is the Best Today? Top-5 Devices

The majority of men have a minimal curve or sideways “hang” to the penis. But about 400 people in every 100,000 suffer from penile erection conditions extremely bent or curved, so extreme that make sexual intercourse painful for both partners or uncomfortable.

Penis Straightener Device, that Fixes Penis Curvature

[su_note note_color=”#DDECFD”]Since the announcement of quarantine due to coronavirus, many of us are now working from home. The penis traction method requires a home regimen, wearing the penis extender for several hours a day. For many of us, this was not previously possible, with the active rhythm of our daily lives.

But now that you can wear an extender for several hours a day at home, you can realize your dream of having a smooth and healthy penis. Your erection after several months of stretching the penis with the help of the device will become powerful and strong.[/su_note]

[su_heading size=”28″ margin=”40″]Top 5 Penis Straightening Devices[/su_heading]

#1 Quick Extender Pro

Quick Facts:

[su_note note_color=”#e9ebec”]
Rank: #1
Success rate:
# of clients: 450 000
# of reviews:
12 000+ reviews on forums
Tension springs: 4000 gram
What’s included: Ergonomic Contoured Base, Vitamin E, Storage Case, Memory Foam, Spring Assembly, Pivots, Bars, Rods, Measuring Tape
Prices:  $179.99. Order now (Secret Discount Code: QEP15 – save 15%)
Manufacturer: Innova Tech Design(USA)
First/Max results: 30 / 180 days
Money back: 180-day
Official store:  quickextenderpro.com

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Quik Extender Pro Peyronies Edition is a quality penis straightener, that helps to rid off penis curvature. You should try it before making any surgery.

It is important to understand that each case is different in Peyronie’s. For some men, surgery was a logical choice yesterday, but not today, because you can use the Quik Extender Pro Peyronies Edition and fix your penis curvature in 30-180 days.

Use Code “QEP15” to get 15% OFF (the final price will be $153.50). Order now

This penis straightening device was first developed back in 2007, and later in 2015, the manufacturer significantly improved the extender. Now it meets all the customer’s needs.

Because of the special Double Strap Support System (DSS), the penis can’t slip out, which means that all the tension settings and the quality of stretching the penis are improved. This is especially true for straightening because it is the constant tag that helps straighten the penis.

Quick Extender Pro Peyronies Edition Equipment

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#2. Phallosan forte

It is a truly effective and safe extender to fix the penis curvature. It works using vacuum-adhesion technology. Its feature is that the head of the penis is securely held in a special vacuum chamber in a condom, and it cannot fall out.

Because of this, there is no effect on the solid parts of the extender. The chamber itself perfectly fits to the shape of the head and is designed so you can easily place the penis inside.

How does it Work?

Unlike rod extenders, vacuum devices are very delicate and can be used even while you sleep. When you walk, the dynamic load helps to stretch the penis more effectively.

At the same time, you can control the level of tension, which is visible on the indicator. The whole point is that to straighten a penis, the device must be worn as long as possible while increasing the tension. With Phallosan Forte, it’s not a big deal.

In addition, more recently on the Phallosan Forte website, a barbell prefix for the device has appeared, and now the complete package along with the rods is called the Phallosan Forte Plus.

Why do we need rods? So that the load on the penis is differentiated and you can achieve even more impressive penis stretching results. Moreover, when connecting the rods, the penis head is still held by the vacuum chamber, which makes using the device more comfortable.

Pros and Cons

Pros:[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up”]

  • Can be worn much longer than rod extenders
  • No side effects
  • Can be used while sleeping
  • The device does not cause any discomfort
  • It is conveniently fixed with a strap on the belt, over the shoulder or over the knee (you can change the way you tie the strap and thereby change the load, which makes using the device more efficient)
  • The device can be used to straighten the penis and to increase its size
  • Regular use of the device enhances erection
  • The device has medical certificates of quality, made in Germany
  • Efficiency is corrupted by clinical trials published on the site
  • You can use the mobile application to organize your penis straightening routine
  • It is very convenient for work


Cons[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-down”]

  • You need to buy spare parts sometimes, so it is better to order them immediately on the site
  • It does not work for all men, as some will need to start with this design and then graduate to a bar extender
  • The results are not as significant as when using rod extenders
  • The soft and delicate design of the device may not be very effective without the use of a bar extender
  • This extender gives not-so-fast results


Purchase and delivery

It’s better to buy a device from the official website because of the following reasons:[su_list icon=”icon: check”]

  • It is cheaper ($339).
  • It is more convenient and safe
  • You’ll get a warranty
  • Delivery is possible to all countries, and you can see how many delivery costs to your specific country as well as how many days it will take to arrive
  • You can immediately order spare parts with your first order (e.g., protector caps and condom sleeves)
  • Plain box delivery
  • Payment will be safe and you buy from a trusted seller
  • Get 4 sleeve condoms for free (worth of $100) with your order


Order Phallosan Forte


#3. Penimaster PRO

What is PeniMaster PRO?

This device is famous all over the world, primarily due to the fact that its technology is presented in several packages at once. The basis is a vacuum chamber (pulling force generator), and then these types of fastenings are offered: a belt, rods, and weights.

In addition, PeniMaster Chrome technology is also available, which is a classic when it comes to rod extenders. It uses a base on which the penis head is fixed using silicone straps. But I must say that this device with the strap is the most convenient, anatomically correct and comfortable. But first things first.

How to Choose the Right Package?

To simplify your choice, you need to decide between buying a PeniMaster Pro Complete Set or the PeniMaster Chrome device. These are the most effective packages for straightening the penis.

The technology of stretching a penis to straighten it should be applied in this way: you need to differentiate the load. And this is possible precisely with PeniMaster PRO since the package includes a belt and a rod extender. At the heart of it is the Pulling force generator, a vacuum chamber that holds the penis head.

As for Chrome – this is a more classic device that uses a strap mount, which is familiar to most men.

Purchase of a device and Delivery

[su_list icon=”icon: check”]

  • It’s better to buy from the official website since you get the original device at the best price with a money-back guarantee
  • So as not to get lost on the PeniMaster website, it is better to go directly to the Shop section (but this link immediately leads to PeniMaster PRO, and it was not easy to find)
  • Delivery cost is affordable at about €20
  • The price of Penimaster PRO complete set is reduced by 20% due to coronavirus ($309)


Buy Penimaster PRO


#4. Sizegenetics

Well, this is likely the most classic rod extender with a strap and loop fasteners. You choose what is more convenient for yourself – creating a loop in which you put the head of a penis, or a strap that you fasten on the base of the extender. I personally prefer the strap, as the loop is somewhat inefficient and old. But you know better.

Why SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics has been approved by the FDA. For many of our readers, this is of paramount importance. It means that the device is allowed for sale around the world and is recommended by doctors. I will say right away that only this device has been approved by the FDA in the market. And that’s it. But if you want the details, here they are.

How to Use the Device?

This is the simplest but highest-quality device. It does not have any clip mounts or marketing life hacks such as dual fasteners (like Quick Extender Pro). The database does not provide any special personalization like X4 Labs; there are many holes for mounts on different lengths.

There are no gold designs, but if you read the forums, you’ll learn it is these simple devices made of high-quality materials that are used most often by men, who share their results and observations. It’s like buying a simple razor blade for a shave.

At the same time, do not assume that the SizeGenetics device is cheap. On the contrary, its price tag is decent in comparison with other newly made devices. But this is a brand, this is trust, and it has a lot of reviews.

Pros / cons

Pros[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up”]

  • FDA-approved
  • The price is only $299.95
  • A classic and easy-to-understand technology
  • Reliable; there is no need to buy spare parts because everything lasts for years, as opposed to vacuum devices that require protective membranes
  • The extender package has all the necessary accessories for comfort and ease of use
  • Save $10 on your order, use code: SIZE10. Click here


Cons[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-down”]

  • It can be slightly painful if you are using the device for the first time
  • It is necessary to handle the penis with powder so that it does not slip out of the device (you need to use foam pads and silicon tape)
  • In general, you need to protect the penis well, as the extender strap is not as soft as, for example, the PeniMaster PRO
  • You can find out the shipping price only after you fill out mailing address details
  • The device specifically uses the Directional Nose Straightening nozzle – it distinguishes an ordinary device from one aimed at Peyronie’s Disease


Order SizeGenetics


#5. Male edge

Pros / cons

Pros[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up”]

  • The device is unusually light and easy to use
  • You get used to it easily
  • The unique design allows you to comfortably take it off and put it on (it’s convenient to go with it to the toilet — just click out the penis)
  • The action of the device and its effectiveness are confirmed by medical certificates
  • Stylish design with special cases, so it is convenient to fold the extender
  • The device has over 500,000 customers worldwide
  • Free worldwide shipping is available
  • Use code: MALE10 to save $10 on your order


Cons[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-down”]

  • Some users are annoyed by the snap and the impossibility of a very detailed length adjustment
  • Over time, the device may break if used improperly
  • There is no special penis traction design; a standard device is used to both straighten and enlarge a penis



Recommended from the official site. There are three packages that differ only in content. The package can be delivered from EU or International offices. Safe shopping.

Order Male Edge


Avoid Surgery

Although doctors usually tell patients to wait at least a year or two before a surgical attempt to correct it was made.

During the waiting period, most patients will try other treatments first, with the idea that surgery is the last resort, drastic option.

[su_service title=”Brief statistics:” icon=”icon: signal”]Approximately 40% of men see no change in that period, and 40% longer even can see his condition worsened.[/su_service]

One of the two most-performed operations called the Nesbit procedure, often resulting in shortening of the penis by 1 to 2 inches, another method in which tissue is replaced with scar tissue grafted may result in partial or complete loss of erectile function. That’s why it’s not recommended to use surgery.

Use Quick Extender Pro to Treat Penis Curvature Easily

There is an alternative medicine like Quik Extender Pro Peyronies Edition is certainly valuable and more effective penis straightener, and so much better given the extreme nature of the surgical treatment.  Click here to buy the device.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

[su_service title=”Did you know?” icon=”icon: bell”] The erect penis can be bent in a “J” or “U” shape or may have a series of twists that create the appearance almost like a corkscrew. [/su_service]

This condition is referred to in the medical community as Peyronie’s disease and is also sometimes related to like a picture of the fibrous caverositis have fibrous scar tissue build up in layers of erectile tissue (cavernosa).

Doctors disagree about the exact cause of Peyronie. But it is clear, however, that the condition occurs when inelastic plaque or scar tissue replaces normal elastic tissue of some parts of the penis.

Usually, an erection extending elastic tissues in the penis is more or less symmetrical, resulting in a straight erection.

Scar tissue is not stretchy, but a bit hard, it stays put, while other parts of the penis engorge, so severe curvature or bending.

If the scar tissue expands around the shaft of the penis, the result is either “bottleneck” or shrink at these locations or even a drastic shortening of the penis.

This condition may begin with an injury, inflammation trauma, or the like.

[su_service title=”Quick note” icon=”icon: calendar-check-o”]Some men have overcome Peyronie with efforts to treat erectile dysfunction by injection (the most common drugs used for this purpose is called Caverject).[/su_service]

Doctors also suspect that other medical conditions can affect the onset of Peyronies, which may be associated with other rare genetic causes.

Causes and Natural Treatments

Nowadays, though, the most likely cause is believed to be followed by the slow healing trauma or abnormal.

Use Quik Extender Pro penis straightener to treat Peyronie’s disease in a few months. Please visit Quick Extender Pro.